Dinner Party

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As I made my way to the dinner table, I saw that there was so many food placed in the table and that the brothers was dressed elegantly.

"What's the occasion, minna?" I asked.
"You mean, you don't know?" Reiji-san wondered.
"About what?" I said.
"Oi. Ayato, you didn't tell her?" Subaru-kun asked.
"Ah! That, I forgot to tell her." Ayato-kun said. No wonder I was feeling that I forgot something. Ayato thought.

"Minna, What is it? Please tell me." I said.
"Nfuu~ You know Bitch-chan, Ayato planned all this. He said that since you were now a vampire and maybe you must be worried now that you're a vampire, He told us to celebrate of you being a vampire and to also get your mind off of that thing and enjoy it first." Laito-kun said while smirking.

Ehh?! Ayato-kun planned all this?! I thought.
"Oi! Laito stop saying that!" Ayato-kun shouted while blushing so red.
I just smiled at how considerate they were.
"And you, Chichinashi don't get the wrong idea! I'm just doing this because I don't want my food getting worried over some pathetic awakening!" Ayato-kun said while blushing, his face was so red that he look like a tomato.
"Hehehe..." I softly laughed but Ayato-kun still heard me.
"Oi! Stop laughing!" He said while still beet red.
Ayato-kun is so cute while blushing. It makes me want to tease him. Hehehe I thought

"Minna, sizukani. Let's now proceed to the celebration." Reiji-san said
I sat between Laito-kun and Ayato-kun. As we proceeded to eat, I eyed the food in the table.
There was so many, but I saw something like Takoyaki, Macaron, Cake, Rare Steak, Spaghetti Carbonara and Raw Steak. They must be the brothers favourite food. I thought
As I went and dig in, the delicious taste and smell captivated me.

"Ne, Bitch-chan is it delicious?" Laito-kun asked while smirked.
"Yeah, its delicious!" I replied
Suddenly, Laito-kun licked my cheek.
"Ahh?! Laito-kun, what are you doing?!" I said while blushing so hard.
"Oi! Laito-kun, what the hell are you doing?!" Ayato-kun said while having an angry face.
"Hehe~ I was just helping since your cheek had some sauce. It was delicious, Bitch-chan" Laito-kun said while winking.
"Laito-kun, you could have just told me!" I said
"But If I told you, I could'nt have seen your reaction. Ne, Ayato-kun~?" Laito-kun said while smirking to Ayato.

"Shut up, you pervert!" Ayato shouted
"Hai, they're so noisy, right, Teddy?" Kanato-kun sighed
"Is this supposed to be a celebration?" Reiji-san said while pushing his glasses.
"Be quiet, all of you...." Shu-san lazily said

After the party, we all cleaned up. The brothers also helped clean up.While washing the plates, someone called me.
"Yui" Shu said
"What is it that you need, Shu-san?" I asked
"Did you enjoy this night?" Shu asked
"Yes! I was happy that you all took the effort for celebrating something for me, I really enjoyed tonight and I think this helps me about the transformations. Thank you!" I said while smiling happily to Shu-san and to the others.
"That's good" Shu-san said
After cleaning up we went to our perspective rooms and went to bed. I got in my room, changed into my night gown and went to bed. Today was really fun. They did that all for me. I'm so happy. I thought. And as drowsiness takes over me, I then fell asleep.

Extra scene:
Earlier when Yui was saying about tonight.

When Yui was giving that smile of hers, the brothers were thinking of something.
She is really cute. I could almost eat her up . Ayato thought while grinning.
Bitch-chan is so cute. She looks so tasty. Laito thought while smirking.
Yui-san is happy. I'm glad. Kanato-kun and Shu-san thought while smiling a little.
Well she should be grateful since we prepared all this, but its nice to see her happy. Reiji-san thought while smiling a little.
She's so cute. Subaru thought while blushing so hard. 0/////0

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