Chapter 20: Sick And Tired

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Hannah's POV
I was sick and tired of not having Hunter by my side. If she hadn't come home by now, she might never. She helped me through the hard times.

The only choice she leaves me is sneaking out, right now, in the middle of the night to find her. If anyone follows me, I swear, I'll slap a bitch.

I took my sleek, black jeep with a silver trim back the path we were on to get to the new camp. My headlights lit up the road and the ditches.

My headlights seemed to illuminate extra bright, while completely in the darkness.

Then I came to a stop when I saw something out the window. There they were, Alexia, sleeping, (OMG ALEXIA?!?!) and Hunter, holding a knife. Did she kill Alexia?

But I just got to see her. We lost her before we got to the camp. And I find her dead? This is horrible. Could there be anything worse?

I was just so excited to see her. Was she really dead? I jumped out my jeep and held my gun at Hunter.

Of course I felt a bit harsh. But Hunter needed to drop the knife. So I spoke my god damn mind.

"Drop it, Hunter" I said. She gave me a glaring look. I knew I didn't want to get on her bad side, but I needed her to drop it so I could examine Alexia.

But then she put the knife to her own neck. "HUNTER NO! IM BEGGING YOU" I yelled. I dropped my weapon and ran over to her.

I held her free hand and told her how much she meant to me. What she did next was unexpected.

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