Dioscuris? Dioscuris.

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Sachi followed her friends to Mind control as Ana expressed her profuse desire to go shopping.
The boys paled a ghostly white and suddenly both of them had plans for the evening.
Ana glared at them angrily as Mr. Keating entered the class.
"Boys, I think you should really go shopping otherwise Ms. Ana here has serious plans of splattering paint down your heads tonight," he chuckled, winking at Ana.
Ana turned to give the boys a smug smile as they cowered beneath her.
Sachi snorted as May grinned.
"How macho," Sachi grinningly told Joy who gave her a bad look.
She could feel a pair of eyes on the back of her head
but a stronger presence at the back of her mind. After the incedent yesterday, she could swear that the mind link had gotten stronger or something.
She'd heard a guy in her mind, bathroom singing and he'd sounded horribly like Shiv.
She highly suspected that Shiv knew nothing about this because he'd been singing *Amazing grace*
So much for his strong boy image Sachi thought sarcastically.
She returned her attention to Mr. Keating who was explaining how mind reading worked.
"Its like listening to an audio book, but its faster and more complicated. A series of thoughts come in waves, basically alpha, beta and delta. Alpha is when you're awake and thinking, beta, when you're troubled or fighting and delta, when you're sleeping.
As a mind controller you can even learn how to control the waves that you give out, hence making it difficult for anybody else to interpret your thoughts. Usually a mind controller is highly inclined towards spirituality but there are many, who have used this power to wrongly manipulate people. We shall study about them in our next class.
Today, let's fall into partners. Concentrate on your partner's irises. Like its said, they eyes are the windows to the soul, we shall concentrate on one's eyes and just stare. Now, Fall into partners quickly. Are there any dioscuris here?"
A couple of students raised their hands.

"Good good. Dioscuris, fall into your powered pair."

May, Nate, Joy and Ana instinctively looked towards Sachi who stiffened. "Sachi? Please?" Came Shiv's voice in her mind.
She faltered.
She couldn't think.
She was still hurt.
He hurt her.
But he saved her too.
He actually brought her back.
And in that moment of hesitation, a loud voice broke the sudden silence.
"Sachi! Sachi!," shouted Shiv in a high pitched voice, like a girl calling out to her crush.
"Hey! My dioscuri," he finished as all eyes turned to them thanks to Shiv's dramatic call.
Sachi turned a bright red as she tried to control the anger, embarrasment and the dumb blush that creeped up her cheeks.
Without even waiting for her reply, Shiv took her towards the place where the dioscuris were standing.
"Sorry," was all he said as Sachi started to say something.
And suddenly, it all felt okay.
Sachi knew Shiv had meant the sorry and for now, she wanted it to be like that.

Double update!

Before any conversation could take place, Prof Keating's voice broke out," Well, just concentrate on the iris. Try to analyze what the person may be thinking. No talking. Just keep calm and try connecting with your partner. All set? You may start."

Shiv pulled Sachi onto the carpeted floor and they sat Indian style, cross- legged.

Sachi stared into the deep black eyes of Shiv. At that very moment a ray of sunlingt flitted in through the window onto Shiv's face and Sachi's eyes widened as the sunlight revealed Shiv's eyes to be a deep, dark, mystical brown and not black. Noticing the change, Shiv asked," what happened?"
"Your eyes," Sachi replied," they are brown."
"Yeah, I know," Shiv laughed making his eyes cringe as they shone.

Shiv stared into Sachi's liquid brown eyes and could barely look away. The way her eyes talked on their own, it was magical.
"You know we can already read each other's mind through our mind-link?" Sachi chuckled," So, don't keep describing my eyes, stalker."
"Wait! What? You can read me right now? But my wall is up..Oh no! I mean.."
"Wall? What wall, Shiv?"
"Oh nothing. That just slipped."
Sachi almost growled at that.
"I am done with your mood swings and secrets. If we are supposed to work and learn as dioscuri I need to be able to trust you. I don't wanna be power-stuck with someone I don't trust, Shiv. I am done. It is your choice now."
Enough hurt.
She couldn't keep chasing him.
Even though she knew she could, she would.
Sachi got up to leave when Shiv pulled her down.
"Look I am sorry.
I'll explain everything. Meet me today, after our dioscuri class.
I'll tell you everything."
"Promise," laughed Shiv.

Triple update

Raj looked at Sachi and Shiv.
This was going too fast.
Last night, the man had almost caught up with Sachi in her dream. He'd have to be with her all the time now. Sachi would have to find her balance. She had been shifting through moods continuosly through the week. This only made her more vulnerable.
Sachi didn't realize it, but the fear that had gripped her yesterday was ready, ready to pounce on her the very next chance it got.
That could be tomorrow, a week later or the very next moment.
They were getting to her fast.
He couldn't let that happen.
Sachi will have to learn.
Her time was coming. Soon.
Sooner than it was supposed to be.
Raj blessed Sachi before he turned away to prepare for the training.

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