Chapter 8

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My head was spinning like a top just having so many thoughts. First in the morning i run into the famous luke hemmings from 5 seconds of summer then i get all the same classes with him. He kisses me and now im his girlfriend!! Isnt this to fast? I mean i just met him but i also feel we knew each other our whole lives! I look up at luke who was smiling widely which made me smile and poke his dimple which caused him to look down at me. "What?" He asked "um i was just wondering... why are you even here are at this school? Oh and do you think this is not to fast?" I ask saying the last sentence quickly but im sure he heard it and just smiles "first answer, the mangement thinks it will be good to have us go back to school because it will get us more publicity and stuff like that.. and second answer i.. i honestly know its fast.. but there is something about you... i cant describe it... youre different... the more i get to know you the more i like you... ive never felt this way.. and someone wise told me... if you find something special.. dont let it go.." he says putting his hand on my cheek rubbing it with his thumb "And im not about to let you go... youre too special..." he says as he leans in and kisses me softly yet soo passionately which made me blush as i closed my eyes kissing back but then we were interuppted but the bell again that caused us to jump and laugh he got up from his seat and pulled me up with him hugging me "Im so glad i met you..." he says holding me close i laughed a little looking up at him "Im glad too... and im sure that was the early bell so we are free to go... and i should go home my mom worries too much..." i say looking down embarrassed i hear him chuckle lifting my face gently "I dont blame her.. If i was her i would too.. let me walk you home" he says smiling at me and kissed my nose. Gosh!!! Why cant he stop being adorable!!! Im sure i look like a freaking tomato!! Then i hear him laugh more i snapped out of it looking at him raising an eyebrow confusEd "Youre so cute when you blush you know that?" He says laughing as he teased me i pout crossing my arms "im not! I probably look like a tomato.." i say looking away embarrassed he hugged me tighter "sure but youre my pretty tomato haha" he says kissing my cheek then grabs my stuff and his as he walked down the stairs to get down from the roof as he held my hand to pull me along. Then we were gonna leave but i remembered jasmine so i was gonna say something but i saw her talking to someone and laughing so i smiled knowing she'll be fine and ill just text her later so i started to lead the way to my house. The walk there was quiet.. but not an awkward silence it was nice and when we got there i smiled at him "um soo i live here.. " i say pointing at my house he nodded and kissed my cheek "well goodnight lovely... ill see you tomorrow" he says was he let me go and i started to walk to my house and once i got to the door i looked back to see if he left but he was still there which made me laugh "what are you still doing here?" I ask curiously he laughed a little rubbing the back of his neck "i was gonna leave once i knew you were actually safe in your home..." he says i smiled more i cant believe he is this sweet... i laugh and walked in and opened the front window "ok im safe!!! goodnight!" I yell laughing, he laughed along with me and nodded waving then walked away i watched him until he disappear. I sighed happily and walked to my room flopping on it smiling closing my eyes feeling like it was an amazing dream and felt nothing could ruin this.. i pulled out my phone and texted Jasmine to explain why i didnt walk with her i felt kinda bad but she just texted saying it was no big deal and for me "to touch the butt!!" I laughed at this shaking my head loving my life for the first time in forever.. moments later i started to drift to sleep...



Sorry if this isnt good... i truly try my best... i really like to make sure its good for you before i post so i hope you like it ok love you all!!! X) byeee pplss!! <3

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