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"Where did you get the blue cookies?" Evelyn asks me once again

"It's a secret" I reply for the millionth time

"So where did you get the blue cookies?" She asks straight away

"Maybe if you leave me alone I'll bring you some tomorrow" I answer and she smiles really big

"What about us?" Everyone asks

"You don't deserve them" I reply and Evelyn laughs

"Your mean" Alyssa complains

"I know I am" I say happily braiding Britta's hair

"Do I get some?" Blaire and Britta asks at the same time

"A few" I reply

"Hey! That's not fair!" Harper and Alyssa complain loudly

"Try harder and you might get some" I advice them

"Okay done" I say to Britta and she jumps up and falls flat on her face causing me to laugh, only to find myself in the fireplace seconds later, everyone starts laughing only to start screaming because there are spiders, flies, Mosquitos and bluebottles who are somehow still alive everywhere around them

Yeah don't laugh while you're in a fireplace full of ashes

I don't even know why this place has a fireplace

"Fire!" Someone screams faraway

"Oh my gosh, can't we have some peace and quiet for once" Harper complains

"Sorry false alarm!" The same voice screams, how do you accidentally see a fire that's not a fire? Does that even make sense? Probably not

"He's lucky that I have no idea who he is and where it is" Alyssa mutters

"It could be a she" I point out

"Whatever" she replies and Harper sighs loudly over and over again

"Will you shut up?" Evelyn asks grumpily

"Fine" Harper says and walks out

"Is anyone going to go with her?" Britta asks

We all think for a while

"Nah" we reply

"Okay then, I'll do it" Britta says and slowly stands up and leaves, no one says anything for a while

"So about those blue cookies" Alyssa says looking over at me

"What are you talking about? I don't know nothing about blue cookies" I say smiling at her happily and she frowns and goes and sits in a corner facing the wall like she always does when she doesn't get what she wants

"Who wants to go for a walk with me?" I ask not really expecting anyone ti actually wanting to join me

"I'll come" Evelyn replies, of course it would be her

"Then let's go" I say an see leave

We get half way when we hear the screams, screams that are very familiar

We look at each and take off towards the screaming, hoping nothing bad has happened and it's just a spider, which very unlikely but I can hope

I do not expect to see what I see

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