Chapter 11: Good news

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Tobias's POV

"Beep, beep, beep". The alarm goes up at 12:00 am. We have capture the flag tonight. I roll over and see Tris's body shaking and her arm on her mouth muting her sob. "Tris, whats the matter?" She jumps.

"Nothing". She says trying to sound normal. "Tris, what happened? " I ask. "Why are you up so early anyways?" I look at her stunned. "You don't remember? We have capture the flag tonight ". "Oh". Is all she says. "What happened Tris?". She shrugs.

"Just a dream". She says flatly. "You promised you would wake me up if you had a nightmare". I say mad. "Sorry, you looked so peaceful". She says looking down at the sheets. "I don't care how i look you said you promised you wald wake me up". I say pulling her closer to my chest.

"Sorry". She looks at me with puffy eyes. "It's ok". I say. "But we really have to get up so we don't miss the train". I say with my chin on her head.

"Ok". She says. As we're getting up we here a knock on the door. "I'll get it". I say giving Tris a kiss on the head. I hear another knock on the door.

"Coming". I say annoyed. I open the door and see Zeke and Christina. "Whe have to leave in two minutes hurry up, why aren't you ready?" I look at her stunned. "Um, i don't know maybe becuse i just got up'. I say getting louder.

"So, can we come in and wait?" I look at them. "Just a sec." I turn around and yell.
"Tris you ready?" She walks in. "Yeah". She says calmly. "Cool, guys come in i'll be like 1 minute." I say and run into the bathroom.
When i'm done Zeke and Christina go and their initiates and Tris and i go get our initiates."ALRIGHT INITIATES GET UP!" They look at us with questioning eyes. "WE'RE PLAYING CAPTURE THE FLAG!" "GO AWAY!" One of the initiates yells. April. "Excuse me? What to say that again?". I ask mad.

"Yeah, go away!" I look at her stunned. I look at Tris has the same expression as me. "I think your forgetting that i can get you kicked out of Dauntless before your own eyes and theres nothing you can do to say. I didn't pick you as a factionless type, but i guess i had it wrong. Oh well." Tris says. With that comment everyone jumps out of bed. "Train tracks two minutes".

I say as Tris and i walk out hand in hand. When we get to the train tracks. Zeke, Christina and their initiates are already there. "Hey, what took you guys so long?" Zeke asks. "Candor smart mouths". Tris says to Zeke and and we both turn around to see April giving Tris a death stare.

I saw her stare. "Excuse me can you not look at my girlfriend like that?" She looks at me. "What do you care i bet you don't even love her. You never touch her." She says trying to be smart.

"Oh, really?" I say and turn around and give Tris a long passionate kiss. "I stand corrected". I hear April say. "Look's like i didn't give her enough serum". I hear Amy whisper to April. I turn around and walk up to Amy.

" YOU HURT MY TRIS!" I yell really mad now . "NOW I HURT YOU!" I yell at her i pull my arm back and bring it forward picking speed as i go. Finally it meets her face.
She grunts and falls to the ground. "You punched me!"

She yells. I look back at her. "I know". I say and keep walking. "EVERYONE ON THE TRAIN!!" I yell everyone runs for the train i grab Tris's hand.

She's shaking. I pull her onto the train and hold her close to my chest. "You okay?" I ask her worriedly. She nods. I bend down and give her a kiss on the head.


As Tris walk down to the Ferris wheel hand in hand she turns back and looks at our team. "We'll be back soon !" I yell at our team. "Where are you two going?".Luke asks. "To look for the other teams flag". I yell back. "Come, back soon".

I turn to Tris and roll my eyes. She laughs. When we get to the Ferris wheel Tris looks up and smiles at all the happy memories we have here.

"Do you remember when we were first here?" Tris asks me. "How could i ever forget? This is where i realised how much i liked you". I say turning to her. She smiles and pulls me to the bottom of the ladder. "Let's go".

She says happily. I take a deep breath. "You go first". I say trying to be nice. "Ok". She says eagerly. She starts climbing. I take a deep breath and follow her up the ladder.
I'm super nervous, not because i'm afraid of heights but also because i'm going to propose to Tris tonight. My breathing picks up.

"Are you okay?" Tris asks me worriedly. "No". I say firmly. "Okay". She says and keeps climbing. I grab her hip. "Do you remember when i did this?" I as. "How could i ever forget?"

She laughs. When we get to the platform i feel butterflies in my stomach. Tris is looking over the edge. 'She's your future' i say to myself as l get down on one knee. Tris is still looking over the edge. "Tris? Turn around". I say. She turns around smiling, when she see's me she gasps.

Tris's POV

Wow. Is all i can say. I didn't remember how beautiful everything looks from up here."Tris? Turn around". I turn around smiling. Then i see what position Tobias is in. I gasp. He can't be proposing could he? He clears his throat.

"Beatrice Prior. Your the most bravest, most smartest, most selfless, most honest, most kindest person i've ever met but most of all most the beautiful person on this earth and i'm so lucky to love you. Beatrice Prior will you marry me?"

I look at him smiling. "YES!! Yes in a million different languages." He sighs in relief.
He stand up and slides the ring onto my finger. I lool at my ring it's beautiful. It's simple, a black diamond with little grey ones surrounding it, and on the bottom of the ring it says 'forever' i reach up and give him a kiss. Tobias smiles. He walks over the edge still holding my hand.

"SHE SAID YES!!" He yells over the edge. He turns back and smiles at me. I smile back listening to the cheers from the ground. "Well i guess we should climb down". He says still smiling. "I guess we should". I say walking to the ladder.

" Let me go first". He says, going in front of me. He starts to climb down. When he's a few rungs down i start to climb down. When we get down Christina runs up to me. "OMG!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!" She says.

She takes my hand and examines the ring. I turn around and look at Tobias, he's talking to Zeke.

I look back to see Luke, Amy and April death staring me. I take my hand back and walk over to Tobias. "Hey, baby". I say and give him a kiss. He breaks apart smiling. "What was that for?" He asks. "For loving me".

I answer back smiling. "That means you have to kiss me every second of every day." He says smiling. "Sorry i can't promise that. But i can certainly that i'll try".
I say giving him another kiss.

I hear a throat clear behind me. I turn around and see Zeke. "Can we please play the game before Christmas?" He asks annoyed. I turn around and Tobias wraps his arms aroind my waist. "Sorry". I say blushing.

Tobias looks down at me and chuckles. "Let's play". Tobias says smiling. "Okay". Zeke says some other stuff. But i wasn't listening i was too busy looking at Tobias. 'How did get do luckily?'I ask myself in my head.

"Thank you". Tobias says with a big smile on his face still looking at Zeke. I look at him stunned. He notices my expression and looks down at me smiling. "You spoke out loud". He says chuckling.

"Alright let's get started". Zeke says and walks away with his team. "Let's go kick some butt". Tobias says as we walk off into the darkness.

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