Just a Dream

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Sonna woke up with a jolt. She didn't relize that she was crying nor how sweaty she was and she was breathing heavily.

She looked at the clock that read 8:00am. She sat there in bed for a while than decided to quickly get out of bed and get ready for school.

When she was at school, she had about twenty minutes to spare so she decided to use the time to think about her dream and wonder why she was crying.

'Why was I crying? Was it because of how they left me in the dark alone or is it much more than that? Actually the real question is what was the whole point of that dream? Why was I so afraid of it and why was the red blood moon there? And finally, what was that thing with the four red blood eyes?'

Her thoughts were than interrupted by a yell of her name.

"Hey Sonna! Earth to Sonna!"

Sonna snapped out of it and looked to see who was calling her and saw a person she recognized with a green shirt with orange shorts and orange and green sneakers.

"Oh its you Trey!"

Trey took the seat in front of her.

"Duh, I've been calling you for the last five minutes. What's up, did something happen that is making you think so hard."

Sonna looked at him shocked a little.

"Why do you say that?"

Trey just simply replied with a chuckle,

"Because you only ever get this way whenever something bad happens."

The more Sonna thought about it, the more she relized he had a very good point.

"Nah, nothing is really bothering me, its just a nightmare I had last night."

Trey rolled his eyes and said

"Sonna you always react to this kind of stuff. Everyone has there good and bad dreams but in the end they are just dreams. What you really need to worry about is how we are going to slay the demon today in class, not to mention its also going to be yours and Vince's first demon."

Trey was right, she shouldn't be worrying about some stupid dream when they had to deal with a demon, her "first demon"at that and she was only a freshman like Vince, who was also a football player who only practiced in the morning, while Trey was Senior who was more experienced on slaying demons since his parents owned a business for doing that.

Just than the bell rang telling everyone ot was time for another day of school at Supernatural High School in the La Tierra De La Magia.

End of chapter 2
Wanted to go this far so you knew the plot a little bit more, once again tell me how you like the story and if you want me to stop or keep going and I'll maybe update later.


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