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It was like a maze , running through the city lost with the damned souls around me . Each puzzle takes up solving . This was a matter I have to solve . We are not amongst of any ordinary people. We are isolated off in our own territory cause we're considered different. Through time we grow. More hitiously distinguished. "They call us Vespons " we are born with rays of shining lights. Lines through our body that glow. We scare the people amongst us Assuming were biohazard
I have many friends and carry on same characteristics of any ordinary person. I feel, love, hurt and even get angry. We even have common structures strange how we came from a far away planet we have such a resemblance to people. My name is Mizlon for my wife has bin killed in cold blood in front of my eyes. She was scared when they cought a whole group of us. I told her to calm down! "Screaming till she listens" it was nothing I could do pinned down by five men as a struggle for release. They shot her, and me and my people was quickly transported. I have became a leader to my people for I have learned many things like English and passing it down. I've come for one thing and it is freedom. My people have fallen from the sky's to this wretched planet were it's about power and strength . The galactar was to damaged to get back and that's how I ended up in a isolated place. Amada. A women of some intelligence as myself. Talks to me about our next move as if she's ready for battle " I am not in a mood for strategy thus having my people killed. "Amada" we must fight Marcus! I can't stand having our people treated like animals ! (Narrator ) she grabbed my hand and placed it on her heart. "Are heart beats "just like these humans". "Amada " I rather have our people fight for something rather then fade away watching time pass by ". As soon as she evaded right through the front entrance these people in hazmats suits barged in . Coming at full speed with tazers! My body collasped. I woke up in a facility. In front of a man who was magnified by my arrays of glow. They had me chained . My face grinned with such overwhelming anger. "What is it you want! We obey orders. Give me a ship so I could leave this planet as a memory so deeply forgotten." He laughed then gave me a very straight face. He had green eyes black hair with this weird sort of clothes but they were all wereing it. "You are our specimen I plan on studying you and your so called vespons. No agreements could be arranged as soon as they sent me back. I called for a gathering. My fellow vespons it is settled earth has bin to over ruling they plan on testing on us . Keeping us as kettle ! William!? Gibs!?Amada!? My people !? It is time for a strategy I gave a quick glance a look only a genious would give. The next morning came. Amada came running in my homemade little house shaking me. There troops are coming. There leader during his speech with me told me his name is Hector. Last words he said is he shall show no mercy . Follow me Amada , William, and gibs I will lead us to freedom. The men in there suits were taking all the vespons we were putting up a fight . The red blood from these humans and our glow dripping off our clear glowing faces and puddles mixed together on this soil. We only had little time we scurried to enemy lines which was more green with lots of fields and big futuristic cities. Flying cars Flying businessour world is such more advanced it seems as they are portraying our footsteps . We had to stay hidden for we know there was eyes everywhere. We took refuge in a small abandoned house away from that city. We knew the next day we had to get there. Free most of our fellow vespons that are tooking into labs and aircrafts unattended. Our only escape was through the beast. We fear them as much as they fear us . But they broken the grounds. I can not forgive them neither do I "says Amada " as do I "says William and gibs" my mother she was one of the captives. Tears of glow falling off gibs face. I will not stop until I have my revenge! I was worried for gibs intentions. "Do not let revenge takeover!" It could be your Demise I said. "Until tomorrow my fellow vespons. Until tomorrow" I said. William and Amada nod there heads with agreement as we fall asleep. Gibs stood guard overnight.

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