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kylies pov

" chels which one is better? white roses or red roses for the tables? " I asked Chelsea showing her the pictures online

currently me and chelsea is figuring out my wedding arrangments

im almost half way done and ready for this bash aka wedding

" def white roses and shouldnt tyga be helpinh you with this? i mean i love helping you but he hasnt had any part in this arrangment? "

" yeah i know hes just super busy with work " i replied

" um okay anyways i have to go, i have a date " she said getting up and grabbing her purse

" a date? with who? "

" some guy were keeping it private for know gotta go love you " she said as she ran out the door

im telling you this girl is so silly, no wonder why i love her

as i set away the papers and my laptop i decided to text tyga

babe where r u you? /:

at the studio ill be coming home late again sorry babe i know ill make it up to u

ever since he proposed to me, he been distant lately, coming home late and always gone during the day

im always thinking if he was cheating, but why would he cheat if he proposed to me?

okay but once you come back, were talking love you


all i want to know is why hes not here all the time


i woke up to slaming, i was scared, so i took my umbrella that was next to my door and went downstairs slowly


i heard glass break, its probably a burgular, whats wrong with my security?

"Boo " i heard someone say as i fell to the floor

" tyga " i yelled as he helped me

" sorry ky didn mean to scare you " he said while laughing

" its okay but its like 2 in the morning whe- " i stopped as i smelled his scent

" why did you stop talking? whats wrong? " tyga asked

" why do you have lip stains on your neck? "


surprise update
been so long
also a cliffhanger for you all

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