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Fallen Episode 6: Taking Care of Dead Beats

|9:29 A.M. Location: Tony's house|

Tony went to his room and locked his door, looking around his nice house I see some toys scatter around.

Jamie prepared tea, feeling an air of anxiousness I look straight at her. "What happened?" I asked too calmly. She sat the cups down, she found interest in her cup ever so quickly before starting.

"Well... I guess it started when I got pregnant... I told his father to wear protection but he said it would be fine. His father, Kenneth, was mad to say the least..." She looked around, as if making sure no one was there, "He... Tried to make sure my little Tony wouldn't survive the pregnancy... The day my baby was born it was the happiest day of my life"

The light in her eyes peaked before hiding again. "Time shift to two years ago, Tony was four, Ken started to abuse certain things... Such as alcohol and... And us" Jamie's voice cracked, feeling my heart start to break, but filling with rage each second, she continued.

"Yesterday was a really bad, bad day" Holding out her arms and pulling up her shirt, she shows her bruises and cuts. "Tony! Honey come here!"

'No, no don't tell me, Don't Fucking Tell Me' I thought to myself.

Tony came to the kitchen. "Show Marco Honey" Tony took off his shirt. Feeling the certain doom I didn't want to face, kicked me right in the gut.

"Daddy's home..." Tony said as he ran upstairs. "Oh no, no no no no, Marco you need to-"


"Jamie! I don't smell lunch!" The irritating voice of Mr. Edgar came from the living room. "Jamie- Oh, you didn't tell me that you did have company coming here today" Ken hissed.

"I was about to leave" "Yeah, you do that kid" I slowly make my way to the door and step one foot out before I heard the smack of someone's hand. "Ahh!" Jamie screamed. I spun around, slamming the screen door behind me.

"What the fuck did you just do to her?" I tried to keep my cool, "Whaat? I went to pat her back but I don't know my own strength sometimes" Mr. Edgar chuckled.

"She's holding her fucking face" I gritted my teeth, "Abusing your wife is NOT the way to go about things. I know your kind, I know how you think, you think that it's her fault she got pregnant, that it's her fault that you didn't wear protection"

With every word I stepped closer, feeling the rage boil in my veins and the scared look of Ken. "You DO NOT. Deserve this beautiful woman" I spit in his way, Jamie hurried to hide behind me. "Tony!" I yelled, Tony came running down, "W-We're leaving honey" Jamie said with relief.

"Leaving?! Where the fuck do you think you're going?!" Ken tried to step towards me, I gladly took the opportunity.

I step forward, swinging my right arm all the way back before Ken knew what was going on. And I let him have it.

Punching him in the left side of his face, I felt his jaw rupture and break. Watching him fly sideways was so worth it, "Go" I say as I usher Jamie and Tony out the door.

We got to the street as they started to cry, "Thank you!!" I pick up Tony and he wraps his arms around my neck. Neighbors came out. They knew what happened. Some began to applaud, some cheered.

Jamie turned around and smiled through her tears. Tony nuzzled my neck, knocking off his hat I gave him. Quickly grabbing before it hit the ground, I gently sway with Tony in my arms.

Feeling his breathing shallow, I figured he fell asleep. I smile, "What about my stuff? My clothes and personals?" "We'll get them, don't worry" I smile and hug Jamie.

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