Fight 'N Fame

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[Previous: Sirus and clair meet a "newby" attheir school and decide to add her into their magics group, deep sky. Sirus isnt real fond of her but when she shows them her graceful light dance, she is impressed. But yet, does not want to let her know that. The next step of the 'show and tell' game with Paris, is the fighing battle with magic. This time: Fight 'N Fame]

Clair just stood there speechless and didn't quite know what was going on. She took a few steps back, because knowing how powerful and competitive Sirus is, this could get ugly.

"Hopefully Paris has some damn good skills, or else.... shes goin down.." Clair thought to her self. Then she decided to let everyting go and watch the show. She went inside and grabbed some popcorn quickly and brought out a chair and sunglasses.

*Paris lifted herself off the ground about 4 feet in the air as her whole body glowed the same color as earlier.*

Clair could sense a strong magic within Paris, and started to get excited.

*Her feet spread apart grabbing blue rays of light from thin air. Feathery, strong wings grew from her back and she was ready for whatever Sirus could throw at her.*

(Little did they know, a small boy with a camera had been stalking them since the dance of Paris.)

*Sirus looked up at Paris, observing her technique of magic. Her body remained calm and had a loose face. Large purple-like glares circled around Sirus slowly.

(-side note- Sirus observes the power from her opponent she is facing and finds the weak spot. She then attacks that weak spot with her own magic and the availability to hypnotise living things. )

*Sirus's purple clouds began to turn into a black and purple like structure that looked identical to Paris in shape.*

Paris was confused for a moment but realised what type of magic she was using and leaped into action so that Sirus's magic would not build up any stronger.She flashed gold and blue flames at Sirus's figure.

The dark purple- paris like structure wasnt affected. In fact, it didnt move at all. Sirus smirked and sent the figure up against Paris's body until it was inside of her.

Paris screamed in pain, for the black-purple like structure had ate most of the magic remaining in her. She fell to her knees with a few tears in her eyes.

Sirus vanished the black, purple like structure away from Paris. She walked up to her and said with a straight face and a sharp tone.

"Attack the enemy. Not its pets." She then walked right past her, leaving Paris staring at the ground in fear with tears in her eyes about to ball.

Clair ran over to paris and helped her up.

"You performed wonderfully. You really did. You just need some work on some things, but hey, thats why I let you join this group. So we could grow and get better and stronger together."

Clair hugged her and smiled then sighed.

"You went over board Sirus" *giggles to self* "you went over board"


Sirus had already returned home and Paris was in Clair's room doing her nails while Clair was searching recent posts on YouTube.

Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth. She tried so hard to say something, but words would not come out of her mouth. So dhe just grabbed Paris by the ears and pulled her up next to her and re- played the video from YouTube.

"Hey! Ow, my ears! Bro, really? You even made me mess up my nails."

"Shh! Listen!"

The two girls watched the video. Paris was just as speechless as Clair was. They saw a video of the light dance of Paris, and the battle between the two. It had already gotten 6,392,104 views!

Paris started to cry. She was so imbarrased! She was a shy person and didn't like the thought of having her light dance, and her fail at battling Sirus on the Internet with already so many views.

Clair chuckled a little bit and patted Paris's back.

"Hey! You know what this means don't you? We are famous! And look at all these comments! *reads some out loud*
-Wow! What an amazing dance!
-Nice wings bruh
-Ew, what the h- never mind, i won't read that comment out loud.
But anyway, arnt you proud that you did such an amazing thing?

*Paris sighs and smiles wiping the tears away*" haha, ya...i guess."

"Well, now that the tears are gone,...WHOO HOOO! WE ARE FAMOUS! and guess what?! Our magics group is sure to grow now that everyone knows what great power we have!"

"Omg, Clair ^^ and ya! We need to tell Sirus of this.!

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