Story time

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Mikasa's P.O.V.

I was hoping to keep this to myself but Levi needs to know, I don't trust Eren. Eren is probably part of a dangerous gang that I was trafficked through for ten years. I don't know what's going on here but if I'm right Levi might have been trafficked through there also and I can trust him. First things first, before I go talk to Levi I need to have a plan just in case things go wrong.

Leaving my room in a baggy pair of sweats, a short sleeve baggy shirt, and my scarf, I walk to Levi's room on my crutches. After spending minutes trying to get to his room I finally arrive and I bang on the door. Seconds later Levi answers the door all wet in only a white pair of sweats, his huge abs magnified by the water and his v line magnified by the sweat pants.

"Why are you wet?" I ask pushing past him with my wheel chair and into his room.

"I was showering."

Levi's P.O.V.

"We need to talk." Mikasa demands.

"I'm gonna change so don't look or leave the room." I say.

"Fine I won't look." Mikasa says. Not really reassured that she won't look, I shuffle through my dresser and take out my boxers. I go through my dresser once more and get out a pair of black skinny jeans, a pair of socks, and a grey, baggy, short sleeve shirt. 

"Okay I'm done." I say taking a seat across from Mikasa on the couch.

"I have a story to tell you, it might be real or it might be fake but that's for you to decide." Mikasa starts. "Long ago, a young woman went out to the store by herself and on her way back was confronted by three men. The men all told the woman that they had kidnapped her husband and if she didn't come they would kill him. Immediately the woman went with the three men and was never heard from again by her family. She was brought to a slave house where a gang of hundreds trafficked people. This woman was going to be sold to a man across the sea but soon found out she was pregnant so instead she was turned into a slave who cleaned up after everyone and prepared the other women. Many months go by of misery until she gave birth to a baby girl who she loved dearly. The child stayed with the mother until she was 3 and then she was taken away and kept with all of the other kids. The little girl would cry everyday for many weeks because she was separated from her mother, until one day a boy came and sat down with her and cheered her up every night. By the time the girl was 8 she was being sold to men everyday. The little girl would come back to see the boy, both having the same dead look in there eyes. Two years later the girl was 10 and the boy was 17, the boy would be sold that year so he had a plan, he would run away with the girl and they would never go back but something went wrong. The night of their escape when running out of the building, the girl got trapped in one of the wholes set out just in case of an escape. The boy couldn't get to her in time so he kept going. When the guards finally found the girl in the trap, they threw in a dark room for many months where she got no light . After a while the girl had gone blind when in the light, but in the dark she could see everything better. When the girl finally got out of the dark room she found out that her mother had been killed, this drove her crazy. One night when everything was dark, she killed every gang member in the house that night. The next morning the cops were called by that girl saying that there was a gruesome mass murder of human traffickers and people needed to be set free. After the girl escaped she had to fend for herself and she did. The end." I immediately knew it was true. That story was about her and I was the one who left her. I remember that night so clearly, the one I tried so hard to forget.

"I'm sorry." I say regretfully.

"You never came back." 

"I know and I wanted to save you but I couldn't be put through that again." I pleaded.

"You were a slave, you cleaned, cooked and moved dead bodies, I was raped everyday! You had it easy." She spat.

"had it easy? You clearly don't know anything about what happened to me then!" I yell back.

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