Feelings Part 1

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"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Shut up. I'm sleeping. What does it look like I'm doing?" I mumble back, throwing a pillow in the general direction of the voice.

"Wake up!"

"God, Cody! You're so annoying!" I groan, sitting up and rubbing my eyes to see my best friend grinning at me.

"Yes, I'm annoying. And you're a lazy ass," he retorts, jutting his chin out at me.

"It's like, 5 AM?" I fall back onto the bed, my hair fanning out around me.

"Come onnnnnnnnn." Cody grabs my arm and yanks me up, making me stumble into his arms.

"Dude, what the hell?" I complain, shoving him off me and running a hand through my messy hair.

"It's already 9, so let's go to the mall." His blue eyes sparkle brightly.

I narrow my eyes at him before raising a finger and dramatically saying, "No."

"Come on, Amber! Please?" He bites his lip ring and tries to do puppy dog eyes. Despite him being my best friend, I can't deny how attractive he is. His jet black hair complements his blue eyes so well, and his lip ring... He even has pierced ears and a few tattoos. I would say I'm surprised he doesn't have a girlfriend, but I know him. He's so adorably weird and shy—of course he doesn't have a girlfriend.

"Fine," I groan. " Wait for me to take a shower and change—and you'd better buy me something when we get there you little manipulative jerk," I tell him, hitting his arm playfully.

"Okay, yay!" he responds sarcastically but can't hide his smile. The only reason he wants to go to the mall in the first place is because the girl working in American Apparel is "hot". Apparently. He's been trying to build up the courage to talk to her, but since he's shy, he chickens out and just "admires from afar", as he puts it, or rather, "stalks", as I put it.

"Wait okay?"

"Okay, okay. Hurry!"

I roll my eyes and grab some clean underwear and a matching bra. Going into the shower in my room, I listen to Cody quietly singing a 1D song. I shake my head and turn on the hot water. After showering quickly, I put on my undergarments and walk out into my room. Cody is sitting on my bed with his earphones in, still singing 1D.

"Cody," I say, but I don't receive a reply. "Yo dimwit!" I go up behind him and whack him upside the head, startling him.

"What the hell!" he shouts, the phrase coming out more like a statement than a question.

"Help me find my top," I say, laughing.

"What? Which one are you talking about?" He gets up, dumping his phone and earphones where he was sitting. Normally, it might be weird for a girl in her underwear to talk to a guy, but with us, it's perfectly normal, especially considering we've been best friends since we were born, basically.

"The black crop top with—"

"This?" Cody picks up the black crop top from the huge pile of clothes in my closet.

"Thank you!" I take it from him and put it on. He's really good at finding my lost clothes, for some reason.

"What would you do without me, Amb?" he jokes, grabbing some shorts and handing them to me.

"I'd probably be buried in my clothes and be screaming for someone to find my pink heels." I put on my shorts and spin around looking for said pink heels.

"There." He points in the middle of the closet where a glimmer of pink is showing.

"Are you sure? I'm not risking my life going back there for a pink top or something."

"I'm positive!" he laughs, pushing me forward. I stumble and hip hop around to where the pink heels supposedly are and sure enough, I dig through my clothes-mountain and find the heels.

"Okay, we can leave now," I tell him, grinning and slipping on my heels. We leave my messy room and go downstairs.

"Mom, I'm going to the mall with Cody!" I holler to my mom, who's probably in the kitchen. I grab my bag that was nonchalantly resting on the couch.

"Okay! Have fun!" she responds with an equally loud voice. We go outside, and Cody hops in his Jeep.

"I still can't believe this baby is mine," he gushes, grinning broadly as he rubs the steering wheel. I go into the passenger seat and lightly hit his arm.

"Just drive," I laugh. He chuckles and mock-salutes before leaving the driveway.

"Today! I'm finally going to talk to her," he announces suddenly.

"You said that the past five times, you know," I respond, digging around in my bag for a granola bar. Luckily, I keep one in my bag for times like this. I find it and rip it open, taking a bite of the crunchy bar.

"But this time. This time! I mean it!" he half-shouts.

"You're such an idiot." I shake my head, but I'm unable to hide my smile. I take another bite of my bar and brush my hair out of my face.

"You love me," Cody smirks, glancing at me.

"Shut up!" I blush, holding my bar in one hand and messing around with his navigation system to hook up my music with the other.

"Oh no you don't!" Cody bats my hand away.

"Come on! You did the music last time!" I whine, shaking my iPod.

"Okay, fine. Next stoplight, we do rock paper scissors," Cody says with a nod, but I can see him rolling his eyes.

"Fine!" I huff, slouching into my seat and finishing off my granola bar. Cody keeps driving, and I'm happy to say he's a good driver. He's only hit a trash can once, but that was just because Harry Styles tweeted, and Cody panicked. We come to a halt at a stoplight, and Cody looks at me after I cram my wrapper in my bag.

"123." We hit our fists on our palms and go. He throws rock, and I go with paper.

"Fuck!" Cody curses when I cover his fist with my hand. I smirk and plug in my iPod, choosing Nicki Minaj. "My car, should be my music," he mutters.

"Best friend perks," I stick my tongue out at him. He rolls his eyes and starts driving again. I start up my favorite song, "Va Va Voom".

"'Cause I know he got a wife at home," I shout, throwing my hands up in the air.

"But I need just one night alone," Cody yells, ignoring the fact that we're in a Jeep. In public.

"You got that hot shit, boy ya blessed. Let me feel up on your chest. Flex it, you the man. You the man 100 grand. This same poll, game goal. Yes I play it very well," I rap along with Nicki, dancing in my seat.

"Come baby lay down, let me stay down. Lemme show you how I run take you to my playground. Come and get this va va voom, voom," we shout together, laughing. I've played Nicki in his car so many times that even he's remembered the lyrics. Cody stops at another light and flexes his muscles.

"Flex it, you the man," I say again, laughing.

"I'm cheating on my wife," Cody points out, laughing.

"One night alone, blessed boy," I respond as he starts driving once more.

"I suppose I am blessed, considering I've got "that hot shit"," he says with a straight face, making me burst into laughter. "What? Is it that hard to think I've got some "hot shit"?"

"Nah. You've got some sorta shit going on," I joke, making him chuckle. "But for real, Cody, you are attractive," I assure him since he's quite self conscious.

"Thank you, Amb." He blushes, glancing at me. I smile, and we keep on singing and rapping loudly and most likely very annoyingly.

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