Jeff X Ben

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One morning Jeff was making himself a cup of coffee. He had some ideas for some pranks he had on his mind to do to ben when he was sleeping or awake.Like,the whipped cream on the face, slap cam, or writing/drawing on the face. So, Jeff drank his cup of coffee and looks in the fridge to see if there was any whipped cream, but there wasn't any at all.

Next, he looked in another kitchen drawer to see if he had a camera to record the prank and he didn't have that either. So, he found a sharpie in the kitchen drawer. Jeff grabbed the sharpie and went to ben while he's sleeping. Jeff wrote "Loser" on Ben's forehead. Ben wakes up and sees Jeff.

Ben gets up to go to the restroom. Ben looks in the mirror and see some writing on his forehead. He moved his hair out of the way from his forehead and sees "Loser" on it. Ben yells at Jeff. Jeff says "What." Ben runs to Jeff and takes him down. "Why'd you write on my face when I was asleep.", Ben said. Jeff didn't want to answer the question. Jeff replies, "It was just a prank."

Ben grabs Jeff by his sweater and throws him against a wall. Ben is about to punch Jeff in the face he is stopped by hearing Sally wake up and come out of her room. Sally came out of her room and walked towards Jeff and Ben. Sally saw the word "Loser" on ben's forehead fell on the ground and started laughing really hard. Ben asked "What are you laughing at, Sally?" Sally couldn't speak because she was laughing so hard. Sally pointed at Ben's forehead.

Ben looked at Sally with an "Are you kidding me?" look on his face. Ben walked over to Sally and gave her a surprised kiss on the lips. Sally pulled away from Ben and hides her face blushing. Jeff's mouth dropped open in jealousy. "Ben I thought we had something together.", Jeff said. Jeff starts crying, "Senpai, notice me." Ben looks away from Jeff, grabs Sally's hand, and walks outside with her. "What was Jeff talking about,Ben? Sally asked.

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