Breast Augmentation Surgery In Charlotte, NC

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Under the direction of renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bruce Marko, Best plastic surgeons in charlotte nc, offers a wide array of the most advanced cosmetic procedures and rejuvenating medical spa and non-surgical treatments.

Whether the changes you seek are subtle or dramatic, Dr. Marko's expertise and commitment to a positive patient experience will help you achieve the beautiful and natural results you desire. We offer a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures, minimally invasive treatments and wellness therapy, all under one roof.

Enhanced Images Medical was founded by esteemed, board-certified surgeon, Dr. Bruce Marko, in order to bring a wide variety of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures together with exceptional medical spa services — all under one roof. His comfortable Charlotte, NC facility uses the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery technology and science.

Dr. Marko is at the forefront of cosmetic surgery today, with a retinue of long-term and satisfied clientele, and has dedicated his career to enhancing both the images and lives of his patients. Dr. Marko's quest to provide his patients with the latest state-of-the-art technology has driven much of his post-graduate continuing education. He has taken numerous courses and is certified in specific procedure training offered by Enhanced Images Medical including Mini FaceLifts, SmartLipo, Zerona Body Slimming and Treatment of Laser Toe Nail Fungus.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation charlotte nc is performed to increase the size and fullness of the breast. Women whose breasts are disproportionately small, or whose breasts have sagged or "deflated" after childbirth, or who have unevenly-shaped or sized breasts, are candidates for the procedure.

The location of the incisions, under/over the muscle, breast size, choice of implant type and shape are custom designed for each patient based on their needs and their body and breast types.

Breast augmentation via autologous fat transfer is an alternative type of augmentation. This is a natural breast enhancement procedure that entails the transfer of fat from one area of the body to the breasts for enlargement. Saline and silicone gel breast implants are not used with this technique; rather, the patient's own fat is injected into the breasts.

Breast augmentation involves many different options and techniques. Choices must be made about the incision location and the implant placement. At the Enhanced Images Medical, we offer our patients the choice of where their incision will be placed for the insertion of the implants. Each incision approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

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