Chapter 7

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-Y/N's POV-

Our lips were jus seconds away. Then.....


The bell rang. We both jumped up. "umm.. we should start heading to our next class.." I said looking down blushing a little.

" yeah.." Luke said looking at me a little disappointed. I started to walk to the door where we came from but I get stop by Luke spinning me around.

"but I need do something first" he said looking into my plain brown eyes.

"What do you need to do?" I said confused looking back in his blue sparkling eyes.

"This" he said as he leaned down and kisses me softly. Before I knew I was kissing back. I couldn't believe it I'm having my first kiss and its with Luke Hemmings! Every day and night I always dreamed about this day I never knew it'll actually happen but here we are now. He slowly pulled away, I did the same. I looked down blushing every hard. I hear him chuckle and he pushes my chin up making me look at him.

"you're cute when you blush" Luke says laughing a little.

"well that was my first kiss.." I said looking away.

"are you serious" he said, I looked back up at him and I see that he looks confused and ... worried??

" yup..." I said looking at him.

"im sorry Y/N I just took your first kiss" he said sitting on the bench that I put up there a long time ago. Weird how no one saw me or heard me pushing it up to the roof xP. I sit next to  him and put my head on his shoulder and grab his hand giving it a gentle squeeze.

"No you didn't... you didn't steal my first kiss from  me before I even met you I always dreamt that my first kiss would be by you.." I said playing with his fingers.

"really?" he said, even though I cant see his face I know he's smirking. I smiled and said

"yeah.." I feel him put his arm around my shoulders and pull me close. 'I can stay here forever' I thought but than I remember we have to go to class!

"uh oh we're late for class!" I said trying to stand up but Luke held me tighter.

" we are already late might as well not go" he says smiling down at me.

"alright you win" I said laughing a little at Luke's cuteness. I started thinking we are not even together I could me just a girl he kissed on the school roof.. I mean he's famous and can have anyone and I mean ANYONE why did he choose me? what if he has to leave?  what if I never see him again? all these questions scrambled in my head until I hear luke say.


"yeah?" I said nervously I was afraid of what he was fixing to tell me and I didn't know why.. 

" will you... please be mine?.. you don't have to you don't want..."  he says nervously and says the last part fast. I pulled away and looked at him.

" I just finished saying that I always wanted you to kiss me" I said laughing. Luke smiles at me and says.

" so im guessing its a yes?" I smiled back and said

"yes" he pulled me close again and kisses my forehead.

 "good" he says I could feel him smiling.


HEY PPLS! lol well im sorry again I took like a month to do this but I really think I suck at writing and sometimes get writers block. thanks for reading! and remember to Vote and comment xP  keep being you awesome sauce ppl. <3

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