Chapter 6

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Sayla POV- We finally reached Fairy Tail, now it's about time for the action. We sent nearly everyone except Mard Geer and Jackal, Jackal wants to have some more fun with his toy first before he joins the battle.

We all headed out except from the two who aren't coming right now.

As soon as we touched the ground we started charing at the guild members. Making sure to hid our secret weapons.

Neo Minerva was making sure that they came in at the right time. Our secret weapons were...
Lucy POV- Jackal was still toying with me when i woke up. I could tell from the light outside and how high the sun was in it's course for a new day.

It was the next day, around maybe 3pm or so. So maybe about 20 hours possibly longer. I couldn't think straight because of the skin slapping together noise as well as the squishing noise. The pleasure was creeping up my spine.

As Jackal came again inside of me, i started to think that he would restart all over again. I was scared to death.

But i was thankful when he stopped and walked away, leaving me once again in the cold cell. Chained and naked, allowing everyone who entered threw my cell doors to see every inch of my curvy - what Jackal had said to me - body.

I shivered before once again falling asleep. My last thought was about what Jackal and i have done way to many time.

I know he's just using me for his own pleasurable gain, but he makes me feel so much passion. Hot and comforting.

'please don't tell me that i'm falling in love with him. That is just...... Just ugh!' i thought, sick at that very thought.

Suddenly i grew the urge to throw up, 'i guess even the very thought of a crush for him makes me sick' i thought.

Not knowing the truth that would soon be told.

I couldn't hold it back any more so i puked on to the floor in front of me.

Jackal POV- When i got to the battlefield, i noticed that Matsu bastard and his blue fur ball friend.

"The pink haired bastard and the blue is mine" i yeld, charged at them, i touched Matsu's stomach then quickly flung him to the highest amount of his gather together comrades.

When he landed in to a few, i donated my bomb killing the weaker ones instantly. I wanted to hurry up and kill them which isn't really me.

I like, no, i love watching my prey dying slowly and painfully or even let them live long enough to watch as i kill everyone important to them.

But now i just want to finish it quickly so that can get back to my little sex toy, she's probably feeling lonely right now.

"OI, SAYLA CAN YOU RELEASE THE SECRET WEAPONS NOW, I WANT THIS OVER AND DONE WITH" i shouted across the battle field, knowing that she would hear me well enough.


I was shocked, Jackal wanted a battle finished so quickly. It must be that sluty whore he's been playing with recently.

How dare she take my dear Jackal away from me, i'm going to kill her slowly and painful. I'll make sure she's raped by all of the male demons.

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