Fates and Skates

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Nico's P.O.V.:

"C'mon, it's easy!"
"I'm not skating, Will."

Why the camp was taking a retreat at a roller derby and dance floor, I had no idea.  I could skate amazingly well, but it would interfere with my... my reputation. I couldn't do that. Just no. Then again, so would the  fact I'm dating a certain sun of Apollo.

But I didn't tell Will that I could skate. Just... no.

Out on the floor, Hazel and Frank were going full speed, chasing each other. Since Hazel was born in the 20's and Frank was on a ice hockey team in Canada, they were both good. Annabeth was helping a useless Percy skate, laughing when he said something about how it should have been skateboarding instead. Leo and Calypso were both on the dance floor, laughing. Piper and Jason were in a corner, eating pizza.

"You won't dance, so let's skate!" he insisted.

"No! I'm a child of death!"

"So is Hazel! C'mon!"

I kept my feet on the ground and didn't move. Will threw back his head and groaned. Then an idea seemed to hit him. He got close to my face. Really close.

"Let's go skating," his voice was threatening, "or I will kiss you. Right here, right now. And everyone will see and everyone will make their own personal ideas about what's going on between us. Maybe I'm just drunk to them. Maybe we're sleeping together. Maybe you made the first move. Who knows?"

His words scared me. I knew the kids at camp, especially what they might assume if they saw us. It would NOT be good.

"Fine," I complied, "I'll skate. Just get me some blades."

"Alright," Will turned and reached for the skates that I was supplied with. That idiot. When his back was turned, I shadow-traveled. Only across the room, though. Over by where Reyna sat.

"Hey," she said, "aren't you not supposed to shadow-travel anymore?"

"Yes, but I'm mad at the doctor who gave those orders."


I sighed.

"My idiot boyfriend is trying to get me to skate..."

I realized the Freudian slip I had just pulled, but Reyna didn't seem to notice.

"Why don't you? Hazel told me you were great at it," she said.

"Same reason you don't. I know how well you can skate, Reyna. You're just protecting your rep."

"True, but c'mon, go skate with your boyfriend! It'll be fun!"

"No, it won't--wait, did you just say boyfriend?!?"

Reyna smirked. "I have senses like a cat. I heard you earlier."

I swore in Italian. Great, just great.

"Hey, soften up," she said and nudged my arm. "We can round up some campers and play laser tag, huh?"

I smiled.

"Love to."

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