Chapter 6, threaten

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Lucy's POV
I was having my "beauty" nap when the doorbell woke me up.

I wobbled my way towards the door. Who could have came? Definitely not Natsu he would have most probably flew and invade my room through the windows with Happy.

I shrugged the thought off and opened the door. There stood the one and only Lisanna.

"Hey Lisanna! Why are you here? and how do you know where do I stay?" I asked curious.

She gave me a death stare which I am very much afraid of. Why is she starring at me like I did something wrong?

"Lisanna? Are you okay" I attempted asking her.

"I figured out where your house is on my own and I came here today just to inform you o stay away from MY Natsu." She replied coldly.

"Hey Lisanna are you really okay?" I was kind of afraid of her I meant the Lisanna I knew was never so cold.

To my surprise I felt a hand flew pass my face and the side of my face started to swell I also felt tears welling up in my eyes.

With that she left my house. I knelt down in front of the door trying to figure out what had just happened I was still not recovering from the shock I had just went through.

Many thoughts ran through my mind especially the 5 words that kept ringing in my head 'stay away from MY Natsu'

I felt empty and broken. Why was Lisanna like this and why was I to stay away from Natsu? He was my Best Friend I have the right to stay with him before I knew what was happening I passed out at the door of my apartment.

Hey sorry this was a really short chapter I'll make sure the next one is longer 😉

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