Letter of Truth

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Questioning the writing on the wall, she sighed and crumbled, dragging herself along the surface. When the sun doesn't shine, we seem to lose our minds, and somehow that's how the lost are found. The old pale woman cried tears of agony and despair as she continued reading.

'I'm sorry, but it was just the wrong time, but i know you'll understand.' The words never leave these bloodstained walls, which hold many memories of the past.

'I had to keep it inside, although more than anything i wanted to admit..'  The lady crumbled mournfully, forcing herself to read the rest  her eyes hurting from tears and her fleshy, crinkled cheeks were in agony from shouting.

'I have no issues, or complications. I've always had high expectations,  but you never realized how hard i tried.' Her daughters words made her straighten up, curiously staring at the wall of writing.

'The world only gets colder, never sweater. I wanted to do many things,  but based on the past you made no faith in me doing so.'  the mother noticed the stains on the wall of cold, blood writing..

'I hope this makes you stronger then i could ever be, and if your struggling just hug your pillow tighter. I'm leaving now, bye world.' She couldn't cure herself  from what she just saw, her little girl, lifelessly hanging by a thread on her neck. 

She now feared for her little one, that rests in the cradle of happiness  which rocked side to side silently.  The mother could imagine how it could be if she didn't let that one moment slip by,  the moment her lifeless daughter had stated she would be OK.

Scrunched up in the corner of the room, was a piece of paper, as if her daughter made made a mistake while writing the first note.  Dragging herself, she unscratched the note, observing it.

'I'm going by majority rules, which proves the nightmare i'm living in. Mom, your the best friend i've ever had,  and i'm sorry I've had to make you so very sad.' She couldn't bare look and the one, crossed out line of writing which was still readable at the bottom of the page. Numbness slipped in, unable to cry anymore tears. 

'Are you proud of your precious child?'

There was only one way to ease her pain as she staggered ad untied her child from the single thread, glancing at the cot at the side of her room. She stood, placing a rope around her neck, the chair wobbly from her weight. Staring at the moon aimlessly she kicked the chair away from under her feet.

How could this be fair, she thought, greeting death as she grasped onto her last and final breath.

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