Midnight Ride

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I don't know how long I stayed in that position, but it was not long before Ian came down and saw me. He was at my side in a second, and was cradling me, rocking me back and forth. I was clutching to his shirt and sobbing into his neck, but it was Ian and he knew better than to ask me about what happened, at least for now.

I guess I drifted off into sleep, because I woke up in my room and saw that the windows were dark, I was curled in a ball and the pillows were wet, I guess I was crying in my sleep. I couldn't hold of crying any longer as Zander's face flashed before my eyes. I tried to cry quietly, but ended up sobbing really loudly, Ian was there holding me tightly as I sobbed into his shirt again. He rubbed his hand on my back and rocked me until I ran out of tears.

'I made fried chicken, and french fries. They are still hot, do you know how hard it is to not eat that and wait for you to wake up?' he said attempting to joke. 'I'll bring it here, okay.'

When I feebly nodded he got up and put me down from his lap and went to get the food and got back under ten second, that was good because I didn't want to be left alone with my thoughts.

The food was still hot, the smell made me feel nauseate but I had to eat because then Ian would worry and not eat with me. I picked up a two fries and put them in my mouth and mechanically chewed them, swallowing was the hard part. Ian noticed this and handed me something to drink. I didn't eat a lot, actually it wasn't anything except for a few fries and the drink. Ian ate one piece of chicken and not a single French fries because that was the only thing I was eating.

I was feeling the food come up and I got up to go to the bathroom. I went to the sink and looked at myself, I was looking pale and my face was tearstained. My eyes were the thing that scared me the most they looked... dead. That did it, I puked everything, I noticed Ian holding my hair away from my face, and rubbed my back. I brushed my teeth to get rid of the bad taste from my mouth. I turned around and looked at Ian who was looking at me with concern.

'Well that was a waste.' I attempted to joke.

'Yeah, a real waste.' He said rolling his eyes. 'You wanna go somewhere?' he said.

I shook my head, really I just wanted to go to bed and curl up and sleep. Ian took me to bed and closed the lights on his way out.

I couldn't sleep, I grabbed my phone from the bedside table to look at the time. It showed it was 12:46. It has been hours since Ian left, all the while I thought about Zander, maybe if Daren wasn't in the picture I would have went with Zander without question. But Daren was here and so was Zander.

Who do I want? Who would be good for me? Who loves me more? These questions replayed in my head and every time I thought about them I got more confused. The thing was that I wanted... oh I just want someone. It's so frustrating.

I have strong feelings for Zander but I can't help but think that it was only because of the mate bond, and nothing else, Zander wouldn't have given me a second glance, if he knew I was just some normal girl and not his mate. Daren saw me for me, it's not that Zander didn't it was just that Daren loved me without a bond. Then there was always the fear of Daren leaving me, Zander couldn't do that, he wouldn't leave me even if he wanted to. At least that's what I told myself.

I suddenly felt calm, the kind of calm feeling I get when I'm near Zander. I got up and sprinted downstairs to see if he really is there, almost falling face first on my way. There was no one in the living room nor in any other room. I felt disappointment but I was the one that told him to go away, so I don't deserve to see him.

I turned to go upstairs and I was greeted with Zander standing right in front of me. He looked like he always did but his hair was out of its normal styled way.

'Looking for someone?' he said giving me a small smile. This made the selfish part of me happy, that he wasn't mad at me.

'Maybe.' I said teasingly, that made him smile wider.

'You still up? It's pretty late.' he said

'I couldn't sleep.' I said honestly.

'Neither could I.' he said.

'When do you want to go on that date again?' he said after a few seconds.

He said he would pick me up on Friday, but I guess he just wants to know if I'm still going. I mean I can't blame him if he thinks I don't want to go.

'Tomorrow.' I said surprising myself. I looked at him to see if it was fine.

'Seven if it's fine.' He said

'Yeah it's fine.' I said as silence fell between us, but it was a comfortable silence.

'Do want to go with me?' He said looking at me while pushing a strand of hair away from his eyes.

'Will I get in trouble for it?' I say instead of asking where.

'Maybe. Want to find out?' he said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

'Do I have to change?' I ask him.

'Just grab a pair of clothes. You might need it.' He said as I climbed the stairs to my room quietly. I had brought a bag for sneaking out like this, it was a hand bag as well as a back pack. I stuffed my clothes in it and went downstairs while slinging it on my shoulder.

I found a note that said I'm outside waiting in the car.

Just as I was about to open the door with my hand on the handle, I heard Ian say Don't forget to use protection children. I went upstairs into my dad's room and found Ian on the bed smirking right at me. I went right up to him and punched him hard in his shoulder.

'You know that doesn't hurt much.' He said.

'Yeah but it does make me feel better. Wait till you get a mate, I will embarrass you so much, you will wish you were never born.' I said as I turned to go down.

Zander started driving the car as soon as I got in. The radio was on, and they were playing some song I had never heard. I pointed towards the player asking him if I could change the song, and he nodded while looking at the road.

I was searching for a decent song and on my third try I came across a song I knew.

I found that I was singing to the song halfway through it and quickly shut my mouth hoping he hadn't heard me. I knew I was blushing, it was an old habit to sing along to a song.

'Why did you stop?' Zander asks looking at me before turning back to the road. Guess he heard it alright.

'I never meant to sing it.' I say

'Why not?' he said

'Because I sound like a chocking duck.' I said not hesitating.

'You do not.' He says like it was a well known fact, which made me laugh.

'Maybe you didn't hear me.' I said

'I have higher sense of hearing, and you sounded better than the original singer.' He said, just as the song finished. Another song came on, I reached to change it. I couldn't find any song so I just left the one that came on.

We lapsed into silence again, listening to the music.

I guess I dozed off somewhere while listening to the song, because when I opened my eyes again the car was still, I turned to look at Zander while rubbing my eyes.

'We're here.' He said.

This is a filler chapter but things will get interesting soon.

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