4:09 PM 10/15/15

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Levi: hey olivia did the wifi start working @ ur school

me: no

me: its broken apparently

me: fun

Levi: so did u survive before school

me: oh yeah adam got there a couple minutes later so we hung out until school started

Levi: O.O i seeeeee

me: what

Levi: nothingggg

Levi: hows life

Levi: hows adam

Levi: what did u guys talk about

me: i swear you and claire are more obsessed with him than i am

Claire: are u obsessed with him

me: i dont think so

Claire: well there u go

Levi: ^^

Claire: but seriously what did u talk about

me: idk life i guess

Claire: lIFE

Claire: the cereal or the indefinable state of being

me: which do u think

Claire: ok so not the cereal then

Elena: ive never had life cereal

Claire: you're not missing out on much

Levi: i like the cinnamon sugar ones

Claire: yeah i do too but my parents won't buy them all the time bc apparently that much sugar for breakfast is 'not healthy' and 'try cheerios'

Elena: i like cheerios

Claire: same but only with milk for me

Ari: did this conversation really go from wifi to olivia's bf to cereal

me: he's not my boyfriend

Ari: D A T E E E E

me: i'm working on it

Ari: good

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