Linda Anderson

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Name: Linda Louise Eastman

Birthday: September 24, 1941

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Blue

Husband: Joseph Anderson

Ex-husband: Joseph See (1962-1964)

Children: Heather Anderson (daughter, biological father Joseph See. Adopted by Joseph Anderson), Alex Anderson (son), Josie Anderson (daughter)

Family: Lee Eastman (father), Louise Eastman (mother), John Eastman (brother), Laura Eastman (sister) Louise Eastman, Jr (sister), unnamed mother in law, unnamed father in law

Friends: Alice McCartney, Paul McCartney, Laura Martin, Arthur Martin, Helen White, John Lennon, Cynthia Lennon, George Harrison, Pattie Boyd, Ringo Starr, Maureen Cox, Jane Asher, Gerald Scarfe, Carrie Moore, Ethan Hernandez, Thomas Hernandez, Brian Epstein, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Martinez, Mabel Martinez

Career: Photographer

First appearance: Memories of Linda (I Wanna Be Your Man)

Why does Linda like Alice so much?: When they were still in high school, both of them were bullied by three girls. One time when Alice wasn't around, the three girls were being very rude and mean to Linda. When Alice came around, she told the girls off and threatened to put them in the hospital if they didn't stop picking on Linda. The three girls walked away and Alice tried her best to comfort Linda. That's when Linda realized how much Alice cared for her and some feelings grew.

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