First Day of School

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Mom woke me up, got me bathed and dressed, and made me oatmeal before walking me outside to stand at the corner to wait for the bus.
Mark and his mom joined us after a couple minutes.
"Are you excited?" Mark asked me.
"Yeah, but my stomach feels weird." I said putting a hand on it.
"Those are just butterflies, that means you're nervous." Mom said.
The bus got there and we hugged our moms, got on, and sat beside each other. It was about a 10 minute long bus ride but me and Mark weren't really paying attention, we were nonstop talking. We got to school and he lead me to our classroom.
"This is Mrs. Dawn, she's a really nice teacher." He walked up to her. "Mrs. Dawn, this is Jack, he's from Ireland, can he sit next to me?" He asked smiling and pointing at what I assumed to be his desk.
"Yes, Mark. Hi, my name is Mrs. Dawn, I'm happy you're here but I don't seem to have a "Jack" that's supposed to be new here." She said looking through her papers on the desk.
"My name's Sean but everyone always calls me Jack." I said.
"Oh, ok! I do have you then, Sean Mcloughlin?" I smiled and nodded my head. "Ok sweetie, you can take a seat next to Mark, ok?" I smiled as Mark took my arm and pulled me to the desks.
"Here, sit down." He said pointing at my desk while he pulled out his chair.
My first day of school was good but I was more excited for the bus ride home. Mark and I talked the whole time and he was allowed to come over to play with me as long as he wasn't gonna put up a fight when he had to leave.

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