Today was the day. The day I was going to go to a real school. It was not my dad trying to be a teacher with stuffed animal students. No. This was a legit school, real teachers, real students, real friends.

I smiled as I looked out of the door's window. I took a deep breath as I felt a pat on my back. "Are you ready Tyler?" my dad asks me.

"Who are you talking about? My name's Amelia", I say smirking.

"Good job", dad says smiling at me. "I hope you have fun."

"Thanks daddy."

One of the body guards walks over and smiles at me. "Ready Miss. Stark?" he asks.

"Please, call me Miss. Sawyer", I say.

He opens up the front door and we get into the grey minivan my dad got so no one expected a thing.

I buckled myself into the back seat and the body guard drove away.


"Here we are, Miss. Sawyer", the body guard says turning back to look at me.

"Thank you", I say smiling. I open up the sliding door from the van and get out. I smile at the sight of children walking into the front door.

I start walking towards the school with a big smile on my face. Right as the tip of my fingers touch the door to open it I feel a push on my left shoulder making me fall down. I look up to see a boy who looked older than me laughing.

"What was that for?" I ask.

"For being a little girl", he says.

"It's my first day her", I say getting up and patting the dust off my pants.


" shouldn't be bulling me. You shouldn't bully anyone, it's not nice."

"I don't care what a 6th grader has to say."

"Well, you should care what I have to say!"

"And why is that?" he says crossing his arms.

"Because my father is!" I stop as I remember I can't tell anyone.

"Your father is what?"

"My father is in the military and he'll kick your little ass", I say in a sassy tone.

"Oh, so the little baby knows big kid words?"

"Shut up and leave me alone", I say.

"Whatever", he says putting his hands up and walking into the school. I grunt and walk in afterwards. As I walk in, I see a young teacher dressed in a light pink dress. She was a little short and had red hair.

"Hello", I say as I wave to the teacher.

"Oh, hello...I'm Miss. Salvatore", she says smiling to me.

I look down at a piece of paper I was holding with my new teacher's name on it. I look back up at her and smile. "It looks like you're my new teacher", I say.

"That's good", she says then starts to whisper, "I'm the best teacher in this school, but that's between you and me." I give out a light giggle as she continues talking. "This is my classroom. Why don't you go in and take a seat where ever you want?"

I nod and walk in. I look around the room and see lots of educational posters around her room. Around the entire classroom was a number line, which will come in handy. I look at the seats and pick one in the front of the class. I sit down and lay my backpack next to me.

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