Chapter 1

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Zero's P.O.V

Cross had told us all to wake up 20 minutes before class started in the morning. I was extremely pissed cause the one thing I hated the most was having to wake up to that stupid idiot! I snarled as I took my seat in the front row of the hall were seats were lined up behind each other. Yuki sat next to me with a smile spread happily over her face. Yuki here is a morning person unlike me. "So why do you think Cross gathered us all here so early in the morning?" Yuki asked tilting her head to the side making one of her ears flop down carelessly. I shrugged and then looked behind me to see everyone take their seats. 

I watched as Cross stood on the stage in front of me and walked over to the microphone. He tapped on it gently making all the chattering between everyone die down. "Hello everyone I'm glad to see you all here bright and early this morning!" Cross smiled and looked at scanned the room with his eye's. "I have brought you all here today to welcome a new student! So Please welcome Kaname Kuran." Cross stated and the door's opened, everyone turned around to see the new student. I didn't bother turning around thinking it would be a waist of my energy. The sound of tapping shoes against the floor was heard as the new student who I had yet to see made his way to the stage. Gasps and chattering were heard going on between everyone making a headache rise in my head. I heard Yuki gasp loudly making me look at her. "An alpha! Do you smell it to Zero?" Yuki asked trying to look over everyone so she could get a glimpse at the new student. I smelled the air to smell a alpha indeed, I perked up in my chair and turned around to see the new student just walk past me. 

His ears stood straight on his head and his tail swayed gently as he walked, I reached my arm out without noticing and gently touched his tail before he was out of reach. The new student got up on the stage and walked over to Cross. He shook hands with cross and then turned to the microphone. "Hello everyone." The alpha said calmly making everyone even the guys squeal. "My name is Kaname Kuran and Yes I am indeed a Alpha." Kaname stated, Kaname eye's scanned the room before they fell on mine making my ears that were nearly flat on my head perk up. Kaname smiled at me making my tail begin to move wildly. Kaname then looked back at the whole crowed. "I have enrolled in Cross academy to find a mate." Kaname stated making everyone squeal again, My ear's flattened on my head  at the sudden irritating noise. "Calm down, Calm down." Cross said next to Kaname making everyone go silent. "Everyone will be lining up against the school gates after classes so that Kaname can choose his Mate." Cross stated and then looked back at Kaname who thanked him. 

"You are free to go now." Cross stated. Everyone got up slowly and walked out of the hall. I made eye contact with the alpha again before I stood up and walked out of the hall with Yuki next to me day dreaming about the Alpha. I won't lie....He was fucking hot. 

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