the accident levi x eren

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LEVI IM HOME-WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU LEVI YOU HAVE CAT EARS AND A TAIL-OMG YOUR SO FLUCKEN ADORABLE. i dont really want to talk about what happened all i can really say is it involved hanji and her really stupid fucking curiosity so brat please dont go near her,omg so thats why i heard a explosion when i walked through the. Door and a mild string of curses that sounded like you threatening hanji you were gonna cut off her imagery dick if she did this to me and the unborn baby (unexpected  suprise) yep that was me but anyways eren you should go sit down you look pretty tired from all the extra weight on you,well levi that was a nice way of telling me that im getting fat,NO NO EREN you are still beautiful as ever to me ut i ment that your litterly sweating frm just standing here so just sit diwn on the couch and ill get you a cold rag,painkiller and a glass of tea for my beautiful german husband ok levi love you

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