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Hazel's pov

I made my decision, i'm not going to talk about or do anything about my feeling's for louis - the more i avoid the topic the faster i'll forget about him, i will hide these feelings, i will pretend i never had any feelings for him - this is for the best.

My thoughts were interrupted by one of my workmates "hazel go serve table 3 please, i'm very busy" "of course andrew"

Taking the trays of food i walked towards table 3, seeing the lads
wow i didnt expect to see them here "nice to see ya'll" i said as i served them. They smiled and said their greetings "well w e got a break for a half an hour so we decided to rush here since this is a lovely place" louis said. I shook my head laughing.

"Ring me up if ya'll need anything, i'll send kate here so she can meet ya'll, oh and um guys there are quite a lot of fans staring at us and taking pictures" they all looked , and laughed.

"Be right back" i said and walked back to the counter.

"Go and meet the lads, their at table 3"
"Oh wow, they missed us too much, they had to meet us" we both chuckled.

Kate left to meet them, while i cleared up the counter and took the food for table 4.

I served them, knowing the boys noticed me and when i looked over there i realized there were fans crowding over them, oh dear this isnt gonna end well, we need the security.

I approached them and said "girls calm down be quiet, stop yelling" i tried to quiet them down.

"Can you all please listen to me or else you all will have to leave, if you guys do not listen to me serious action will be taken by the security, so its best for all of ya'll to listen."

That shut them up.

"Okay good, now listen to me. You all need to be quiet please this is a public place and there are many old couples here please maintain your excitement, i understand you all are very excited to see the lads but please try to understand" they nodded.

Then i looked at the lads "you guys alright with taking pictures and autographs with them?" They all nodded smiling.

"Now make a line quietly."

The fans made a line.

"Now go ahead and meet them, after meeting them ya'll either sit down and order or leave the diner and not crowd here alright?" I said, they nodded. "Good."

"Damn haze, you solved the situation pretty well" louis said. My heart fluttered at the sound of him. "Well what can you say i am a styles" i smirked and winked. I could see fans recording and taking pictures.

"Anyways you lads and you all girls have fun, i need to go back to work" i smiled and waved and left.


The boys had left and so had most of the fans, there were still a couple fans around secretly taking pictures of me and katie but they aren't doing a great job at being secretive.

Me and Katie had an appointment at the parlor since Katie wanted to get rid of the dye she was sick of it and i needed a trim so after our shifts were over and we deiced to do mani pedi's and so we went for our little girls day out.

Getting into each of our own cars we raced to the parlor and we reached just in time for the appointment.

We got in and got ourselves seated  and then two ladies came over and did their magic on us.

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