Chapter 8 : Opening night

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James POV

I was already to hit our red carpet for our opening night for If/Then. My suit was in the back. And at the moment, I was rocking a white t-shirt and grey sweatpants.

Oliver's sitter was with him, and I was on my way over to Idina's. I thought it would be a nice idea for me to pick her up. However, I was a little concerned that Idina may spook. I've noticed it more over the past couple of days.

I pulled up outside Idina's apartment building, and got out. I walked up to her apartment and knocked the door.

"James! You're early!" Idina exclaimed after she had opened the door; while putting her hair into a ponytail.

"What are you smiling at?" She asked.

"A beautiful woman." I said softly, before kissing her gently. Idina pulled away from the kiss, and smiled at me.

"Where's Walker?" I asked.

"My Mom has him." She said. She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside; quickly closing the door behind me.

"Everything okay?" I questioned.

"The paparazzi have been creeping around lately. I don't want them to know you're here, otherwise they'll start rumours."

"What rumours?"

"Could be a number of different ones. We're dating. I'm using you as a rebound fling after Taye."

"You're not are you?"

"What? No. Why would I do that? And besides, we aren't officially anything yet."

"How about I take you out on a date tomorrow?"

"What if we both have hangovers?"

"Oh well."

"We'll both be tired after the show, then getting hammered at the party. At least that's what I plan to do."

She giggled and walked over the closet that she had under the stairs, and pulled out a dress. Being a guy, I wasn't sure what it's actual colour was. To me it was a blue with a little bit of green mixed in. But to Idina it could be any given colour. "Nice dress." I said.

"What's your honest opinion of me wearing this dress?" She asked.

"I think that you're going to look beautiful." I smiled. She blushed a little and looked down at the dress in her hand.

After the show, at the opening night party

I got out of the car with Idina, and we joined Jenn, LaChanze and Anthony on our little red carpet. We were all flashing smiles for the cameras. Some pictures were just of one of us, sometimes in a pair, and a few group shots as well. I was being careful to not do anything with Idina. And what I mean by that is things couples do. She wasn't ready to let anybody know. And I was fine with that. Plus, we hadn't decided if we were dating or not yet. I looked at Idina, and she was posing with LaChanze and Jenn. Her smile lights up a whole room, it's just a shame that sometimes it isn't real.

Idina POV

We had been partying for a couple of hours, and I was hammered. I think I fell down once, but it hurt. I felt the pain. But I laughed it off, and carried on partying. I'm pretty sure that everybody was drunk. But I was worse than anybody. "Hey pretty lady." James said as he came over to me; I could tell he was drunk. But I wasn't scared of him; if it was Taye I would've been.

"Hey." I said, putting my empty wine glass onto the table. James smirked at me, before he started kissing me. I pushed him into a chair, and sat on his lap; with both of my legs by James' left-hand side. I smirked at him before I started kissing him back. They were a little sloppy, but lets be honest, we were drunk. Neither of us really noticed.

The next day

I woke up in my bedroom, and instantly felt the hangover. I groaned and turned to look at my alarm clock. 10:15am. "Oh god." I groaned. I slowly sat up, and as I did I realised that I didn't have any clothes on. "What the--" I said quietly. I looked around the room and saw that my dress, underwear and shoes, were sprawled on the floor. And next to them was a suit, a pair of black shoes, a white shirt, a tie, socks and a pair of boxers. "Oh no." I whispered.

James POV

I opened my eyes, and saw that I was in a bedroom. But it wasn't mine. I looked under the bed sheets. I didn't have any clothes on. I looked around, and as I looked to my right, I saw Idina.

"What did we do?" She asked.


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