Oh well that didn't go as planned

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Three part special!

Maya's POV:
"Ha-hur Ha-hur!" I teased Lucas. Yes I, Maya Hart, said his real name. Lucas just laughed at me. I can't ever break him! "So Maya how's it working with Josh?" Riley asked. "Same as always Riles, me chasing, him running" I say shrugging. "Ya know what you should do?" Zay asked smirking. "What?" I ask. "Make him jealous" He suggested and I nod. "It's genius! But how?" I say stroking my imaginary beard with Riley. "Why don't you kiss Farkle infront of him?" Lucas asked doing his dumb innocent smile. "No, he'd think Farkle was just being his Maya and Riley obsessed self" Zay said "how about you cowboy?" Farkle asked. "Me?' Lucas asked pointing to himself. "I'd rather kiss a cactus" I said and Riley had a hurt expression. "Yeah and besides me and him have an unofficial thing going on remember?" Riley told Farkle and he nodded. "Besides if I kiss Maya I might not be able to kiss after that" Lucas says and I nod. "Well we can't have that" Riley says as Smackle comes in. "Hey Smackle" Lucas said smiling. "Quit flirting with me. Farkle I am here to ask you on a date. Yes or no?" She asked. Straight up, I like it. "Sure Isadora" Farkle says smiling. Hey that smile is saved for me and Riles! "Okay. Tonight, I will see you then Farkle" Smackle says and tries to wink. I roll my eyes and Riley see's her mom. "Be right back" she says and runs over the her and I see Josh come in. "Crap...Hahaha your to cute Lucas!" I say loud enough for Josh to hear. Lucas just looked at me like I was crazy. I seen I got Josh's attention and, without thinking, I kissed Lucas. He um...he...he kissed me back. Josh walked out and I smirked to myself. "What was....oh....Josh" Lucas said sitting back. "Um....wow...your a great actor Maya I thought you actually liked that kiss" Zay says and I nod. "That's how you get someone jealous" I say crossing my arms. "What I miss?" Riley asked and I realized something. I JUST KISSED LUCAS, MY BEST FRIENDS CRUSH. "Riley....something happened between me and Lucas" I say and everyone looks shocked. "Oh boy" Lucas says. "I seen Josh come in and I wanted to make him jealous s-" "so you kissed Lucas? It's okay Maya, I mean not like you enjoyed it right?" Riley asked and thats when I had found something out. I did. I really did. "No way, speaking of I gotta go and um do something to get this Lucas kiss off my lips" I say not evening understanding myself. I got up and walked out. "Maya wait" Farkle says and I turn to him. "What Farkle?" I ask and he gives me the 'I know' look. "I didn't like it, only Riley can love a kiss from Ranger Rick and only Riley's kiss can be loved by Ranger Rick" I say and he sighs. "He wouldn't have kissed back if he didn't enjoy it Maya, don't hide your feels" Farkle says and walks away. No I won't hurt my best friend...I don't like Bucky-Mc-Boing-Boing......yes I do.

It doesn't matter what they say, I love you (Lucaya One-Shots)Bu hikayeyi ÜCRETSİZ oku!