Chapter one

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So, there's this girl. She's kinda my best friend. She's so beautiful, she has long blond hair and freckles all across her cheeks and nose, her eyes are greyish blueish and she's shorter then most the kids at our school but, it doesn't matter. We try to talk a lot but it's kinda hard when we only have one class together. I remember most of our conversations because, well I'm not really sure but I do. I remember one of our conversations from 8th grade. We're in 10th now. I remember asking her what her dream was, I'm not really sure why I asked, I think I was just trying to break the silence. I remember her response exactly, she said "my dream, is to run in the cancer awareness run, and win first place. I want to win first place to get the 500 dollar reward." She said. Then she said "I don't want the money just to blow it like most people would do, I want the money to donate to the cancer awareness program, to help the kids and people in the hospital." When she said that, it warmed my heart knowing how caring and loving she is, but I also remember her saying "I'm never going to try to reach that goal. It's too unrealistic, I'll never reach it." That, that broke my heart, because as soon as she said that, well, that created my goal, my goal is to get her to achieve her goal, and I won't rest until she does.

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