Trooper bowling

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With the Ghost crew
It was early in the morning and they were all in the kitchen eating well all except for May and Ezra kanan walked in and noticed there absence and asked "Where are Ezra and May?" "I have know idea May wasn't there this morning when I woke up " Sabine said " And the kid wasn't there when I woke too" Zeb said

With the kids
"Come on this way" Ezra said happily as he brought May to a clearing a couple of miles away from the small town and in the middle of it was a barn once they reached it there waiting for them was Ashley Mick Andie and Zac "Hey guys I brought May along too" Ezra said "cool" "Awesome " "sweet" "nice" were the responses he got back "Ok let's go trooper bowling " Ashley said and they began to run back to town "what's trooper bowling ?" May asked "I'll explain when we get there " Ezra told her
~♡◇♧Time skip ~♡◇♧
They made it to town and hopped on to different rooftop Zac,Andie on one rooftop Mike,Ashley on another and May,Ezra on one since May doesn't know how to play "ok this is how it goes. You find a group of troopers in a triangle formation (you know how blowing pins are set up) we each get a paint bomb that Andie made as that has our own very special color (the colors they have are the ones from capture the flag but Ashley has pink and May has yellow ) so when you find the troopers you jump off the roof in front of them and get their attention if that didn't get their attention when you jumped off the roof then before they start to shoot you. You roll the bomb into the bunch of troopers then get back to the roof and look down at them and when the bomb explodes the number of troopers that has the color of your paint is how many points you win each is two points got it" Ezra explained (wow that took forever to type on my phone) "Yup" May replied Mike saw some troopers and jumped down "hey" he said casually before rolling the bomb and going back to the roof that didn't give the troopers and time to process what just happened because the paint bomb blew up and then the game began
♤♡◇little while later ◇♡♤
It was the final round and it was May's turn so she jumped down with the paint bomb in her hand Ezra on the roof sensed something coming towards them and fast and May was in the way Ezra jumped down and ran to May and tackled her to the ground which caused her to accidentally throw the bomb in the air and when the thing pasted by the bomb exploded and paint came raining down on the duo (yes this happened in matter of seconds ) then the troopers finally finished processing what happened and started shooting at them and obviously missed them and they started running while the other ran across the roof tops "so we'll call it a tie" Zac said sown to them below "Yea till next time " Ezra shouted to them above and separated "let's lose them before we head back to the Ghost " May said "agreed" Ezra replied back and they ran. After while they finally lost them and head back to the Ghost they walked with one arm around each other "oh man that was so hilarious "Ezra said while laughing "Yea that was " May replied
At the Ghost
Kanan was waiting for them the sun was starting to set and they still haven't come back kanan stood there waitingfor them and was about to go inside but then he head laughter and saw in the distance two figures when Ezra and May reached the ship Kanan was on the ramp "what happened to you guys?" Hera asked " paint" they said in unison "well I'm ganna shower "May said as she walked inside "Yea me too " Ezra said and followed behind kanan stood there for a few more seconds then walked in and closed the ramp.
Hey guys you have spoken and you wanted me to continue and I will so here a chapter I'll try to update tomorrow as well and Tuesday cuz I have a 4 day weekend and I know we're not in the middle of the story yet but I want to know who do you think would make the best couple this is where you guys get to be match makers well that's all have a blessed day and bye

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