(Bruce/Batman pov)
'I did my research before going to Washington.I know he goes to Thomas Jefferson High .

I walk into the schools office where I see a woman at the front desk.

"Hello I'm here to see Drake Prince"I say she looks up and her jaw drops

"Br...Bruce Wayne "she said in shock

"Yes,I'm here to see Drake Prince"I say

"Uh umm right Drake Pr..Prince ....are you related?"she asked "I'm sorry I have to ask this"she says

"Yes we are"I say

"He's actually in the office now...you know troublemakers"she blurted out

'How much trouble is Drake going to be?'

"Leandro get Drake Prince from lunch detention please"she said "He should be here right now"

I sat down in a chair 'a lot has happened today...the love of my life died.She had a son and he's mine....I'm emotionally exhausted '

"You wanted to see me Mr.Wayne?"I hear a voice say and I look up

'The most amazing site ever other than his mother,Drake has his mothers blue eyes ,both of our Black hair,my jaw line,what a wonder '

"Umm hello?"he asked snapping me out of my thoughts

"Yes I wanted to see you Drake I have something I need to tell you

"What is it?...umm sir"he says respectfully

"Drake would you like to discuss this over lunch?"I asked
"No offense Mr.Wayne but I don't know you and my mom wouldn't be to happy with me leaving with strangers"he says politely

'He doesn't know what happened to Diana yet..damn this is going to be hard'

"It's about your mother Drake she"I managed to say... too many emotions for me to continue with out crying

"W..what is she okay?!...no she has to be okay she's -"he stops talking when he notices me shaking my head

"yes we can go to lunch...there is a diner ...we can walk to"he says and I nod
Time skip
"That office lady really needs to get fired "Drake mumbles as he sits down across from me

"Drake ...your mother she-"

"Hi Welcome To Denny's how may I help you?"the waitress said interrupting me

"Where not ready to order Miss"he says politely

'Wow Diana really taught him manners'

"Okay so what where you saying Mr.Wayne?"he asked

"Drake I'm so sorry your mother she...passed away "his face gets a little irritated

"Is this some kind of sick joke?!"he asked angrily

"No Drake if you want proof look on the news"I say sternly

He pulled out his phone and started typing it in.His face immediately drops and his eyes get watery

"Why...why are you telling me this?!.I..I don't even know you?!"he begins

"why is a playboy Billionaire from Gotham city go all the way to Washington D.C to tell a boy that his mother died."

"How do you even know she's Wonder Woman?"he says tears going down his face

"I knew your mother a long time Drake ...."I said"do you have any other family maybe ...Hippolyta?"

"How do you even-"he started "you know what never mind,my mother nor I can step foot on Themyscira "

"Drake have you ever wondered who your father was?"I asked

"Yes,I asked once but ....are you my?"he managed to say and I nodded

"Ohh that makes everything different ....YOU DEADBEAT FATHER !!" He says angrily

I was not expecting this reaction but I should have.Great now people are looking and murmuring my name.

"Drake calm dow-"

"NO do you know how long I've waited to know who my father is to find out it was YOU!!!"

"YOU DAMN MAN WHORE!!!"he said angrily

"Drake-"I said but he just walked out of the diner

I look around to see people just looking at me with surprised faces

"See honey I told you it would happen eventually "an old man said

"Erm...sorry"I mutter walking out of the diner to find drake
"Drake..comeback here!"I said

"No leave me alone you freak!!"he said with hands clenched

"Drake the reason I never came around was because I never knew about you....I found out today "I said and he stopped walking and turned around

"Did you even love my mother?"he asked with sadness in his voice "or was she just one of the girls you used?"

"Every day of my life Drake ...I still love your mother.Then I found out she passed and also found out about you"I started

"Drake I'm sorry I was never there for you when you where smaller but I found you now and I'm not letting you go "I say

He then hugs me ,I was a little shocked that he did but after a couple seconds I slowly hugged him back

"How did she ...pass?"he asked

"Cheetah...."was all I could manage to say

"Drake I promise you I'll find Cheetah and bring her to Justice "I say as we pull out of the hug

"How your just a man Cheetah Is a meta human...I don't see how you could take her down....I don't even think I can"he mumbled

"Drake I think...if you want you could go back home with me"I say hoping that he will

"I don't know Mr.Wayne...what about school I have a CFA test  to do tomorrow..you know what o..okay "he says sounding unsure

"Could we stop by my house first ?"he says

"Sure anything you want Drake "I say
---------Prince Household-----------
(Drake pov)
'I'm trying to be strong and not cry I've always wanted a dad but not at the cost of losing my mom'

'I should have been there ...I'm her FREAKING Sidekick !!!,a lousy sidekick...stupid me ...why do I have to be such a disappointment?!'

I start packing some of my stuff mainly clothes so far ...enough for a week at the very most.I then come across an old picture of me and ma when I was six

I smile letting tears come out and put it in my bag .Then I kneel down and find an old toy of mine.A little army man

'I thought I got rid of all of these?..hmm that's weird my mom used to play with me and rant on about why they should make woman army men too'

I clutch the little green toy soldier...the only one that lasted .

'Thank you mom you gave me the  perfect childhood ...I will forever Love and miss you '

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