A deep pain in my heart

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"Missing a loved one hurts so much that it freezes the veins of my cold heart."

It is indeed so hard to forget someone you start to love by first sight. Its that emotional feeling inside you that one will never feel the same for anyone else in the future. Its when you fall in love for someone from the inside and outside. When they disappear in the deep dark dusk out of the blue.. That's when you realize the emptiness

The dark emptyness that surrounds you by its presence when they are gone missing. Its that feeling deep down in your heart.. Right there how much it hurts you. You can't see them, sense them, touch them, smell them.. But only see them and their memories in your mind and heart. It is the most terrible torture one can feel.

It freezes my veins of my arteries. It hurts. It tries to survive and speak out, "I can't do this anymore.. I have to see you and truely say you something before I die."

But the next thing you know is that person that you cherish and love is walking away... Everything in this world is dying..withering away.. All the people fade.. My world..it just shuts down. Only the devil's roses grow by absorbing these cold tears. Its a nightmare land.

But they are just gone. How does it feel to know that they will never ever come back? Not even one bit for a second..or nanosecond? It's like they will only exist in your heart as a dream or imagination.. Words are simply never enough to describe this feeling..

..and I just keep feeling like a fading ash of death of the yesterdays..

This world.. It shuts down. The next thing I realize is that every single people here are still living..

How come I am the only one dying without your presence..?

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