Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Him
[Maddie's POV]

When I saw Matthew standing there I didn't know what to do so I ran.

I felt free with the wind running through my fur.

' Hi '
' Who's that '
' I'm Riley, your wolf '
' Hi i'm Maddie '
' Yeah I know '

Cutting our connection I just ran letting the wind blow through my fur. This would be my first and maybe last run.

After an hour I ran home, when I got there I noticed a car in front. Walking behind a tree. I looked for clothes that were usually hide behind random trees.

Now how do I shift back.
'Maddie just relax and think about your human form'

I heard my bones snapping back into place and I didn't hurt as much as the first time. When I looked down I was completely naked.

Pulling on a pair of basketball shorts and a white sports bra, black hoodie and some white converses that could actually fit.

Walking into the house the most intoxicating smell overwhelmed my senses.

This couldn't possible be happening. As usually the moon goddess has her own plans but nothing will stop me from finish what I've planned.

Before I could move up the stairs Matt and Carson walked out. I knew it wasn't either of them but before I could register anything a stranger walked out of the kitchen.

As soon as our eyes meet I knew I found my mate. He was absolutely gorgeous. Hot, sexy and every other synonym for those words.

His low growl brought me out of my thoughts and by the tone I knew he was an alpha. Stepping down of the last step I shook my head and bolted. For the third time today.

Running was always the thing I would resort to when I felt as if I was a deer caught in headlights.

My running always led to the clearing it was like my go to escape place. A place that only me,Matt and my parents knew about. It was my safe haven.


Everett's POV

When my eyes caught her gaze, to say I was blown away was an understatement. She was beautiful.

I felt my wolf Parker trying to surface for his mate. A low and strangled growled left my throat as I took a step closer but what took me off guard was that she shook her head at me like she wanted me to stop.

Before I could do anything she ran. She ran away from me. Was this a rejection? No it could be I wouldn't have it.

Releasing a painful howl I ran and shifted, it didn't feel safe to show my true wolf. I shifted into my dark brown wolf.

Catching her scene was difficult at first but once I caught the adrenaline rush of waiting to be with my mate.

She looked broken, like she had a million things run through her brain at once like she was contemplating the most difficult decision ever .

Walking towards her I couldn't help and look over her pure white coat with white flames surrounding her, until I stepped on a branch her head snapped to me in an instant.

Purple. Her eyes were purple. What the fuck. As I stepped closer a noticed a flash of fear pass through her eyes, which instantly halted any movement from me.

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