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Haru's POV

I wake up to an empty room and I feel I really big pain in my lower back. Then I remember what happened yesterday. I shake so hard at the thought of it that the bed shakes as well.

I try to stop the shaking but it seems impossible at this point. 

I've never seen master like that before. I thought he was a nice and gentle man. Why?

Ren's POV

I'm currently doing a ton of paperwork and I sense that Haru is awake. I can sense his fear, it's so big.

I get out of my office chair and walk to my room. The closer I get to my room, the bigger Haru's fear gets.

I get to my room and open the door to see a frightened Haru looking wide-eyed at me. I knew it. He's definitely terrified of me. I walk up to the bed and Haru just backs away every step I take.

" I-I'm sorry master. Please, not again. "

I just continue walking up to him and he just backs away every time. 

"Don't be scared, Haru. Yesterday, my anger just took over me."

I finally get to the point where I can hug him and I finally did. Thank god. I'm touching Haru.

" Haru, please forgive me. You can be scared of me but please, just forgive me"

"......I forgive you,master.."

"It's not 'master' anymore. Say my name."

"Ren,Ren,Ren,Ren."Haru says as he hugs me back.

"That's right. It's okay. I won't hurt you anymore. No one will."


Short and weird chapter but I'm pretty tired today so yea..... 

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