a new arrival

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It was just a average Saturday morning for me, sitting in my room gazing out the window apon the whole city when a moving truck pulled up to the house beside my own. I was eager to catch sight of my new neighbors for the first time.

I caught sight of a male and female in their late 30's when out of the car jumped this gorgeous, muscular young guy around my age.

I couldn't stop staring until my gaze was lifted when I noticed him staring back. I looked from side to side of me then back at him to see him still looking at me. He smiled toward me just before I closed my curtain blocking him from me.

Its was time for me to walk the dog so I put Jester on a lead and started walking down the street.

A while after i was walking back up the street toward my house when the new guy jogged toward me listening to music. As we got closer to each other he took his headphones out and jogged straight toward me. He then stopped when he was less then a metre from me and smiled, his eyes looking into mine.

I smiled back at him a while later. "Hi, I'm Samuel Walter. And you are?" "Uh..my..um names Tayla Brooks, nice to meet you". My stomach felt as if butterfly's had just come out of their cacoons and scattered throughout my stomach as he grasped my hand and shook it so smoothly.

"Was that a yes?", he asked.
"Sorry, was uhh..what a yes?"
He was still staring into my eyes intensly and then he smirked.
"Well I'm new around here and need someone to show me around so I'll meet you out the front of your house at 6 tonight". He jogged off before I could debate.

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