Chapter 14

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POV Emily
I was home now for a while, and everything is destroyed. Flashbacks keeps coming back.

"Ha ha ha ha." They said in a unit. My best friend and my bullies laughed as they repeatedly kicked me in the stomach. I coughed up blood as they continue."You never deserved to live you ugly bitch!!" One said. They stopped kicking me and just yelled at me. "Sorry little slut!!" Another screamed. "Little bitch deserves no one!" "Die already!" "Emo bitch cuts herself!" They laughed. All of them laughed at me as I cried silently on the ground. I wouldn't dare to go against them because I'm weak.

I screamed as the words they said flow through my head. A mental break down is what I was having and I need help. I have no one to help. Someone wrapped their arms around me and I stopped attacking."Baby stop please. Calm down okay?" He said. Him.....The guy that made me this way. He changed my mind.
"Jake your going to have to leave." I said pouting. "It's fine Em I'll never leave." He smiled. "I'll always be by your side to protect you." He said.

I pushed him off me with full force slamming him into a wall. He groans slowly getting up and my eyes changed. They turned dark red and I started to shift. I changed into a white wolf with red lines the comes from my eyes to my sides and circles and some on my back. I growled at him as he started at me in amaze. I'm a very rare white wolf. A white blood wolf. A very very rare wolf that can only be made by two white wolves. I did my research. Blood wolves are supposed to be the strongest because they have such strong blood in them. Their blood is supposedly strong as a weapon if they work with it. He backed up as I charged him. 'This going to be fun.' Star smirked.

'Scarlett....' A voice called out in my head. I stopped and moved back.
'Scarlett?' I questioned.
'Close your eyes sweetie.' It said. I closed my eyes and see my mom walking towards me. 'MOM' I screamed running to her. 'Yes sweetie it's me.' She smiled weakly. 'Sorry I couldn't help when you was little, but no one was supposed to know about us,but those rogues found out.' She said. 'I understand, but why you call me Scarlett?' I asked. 'It's your birth name.' She said. 'Scarlett Galanis.' She said smiling. 'A Galanis?' I questioned. 'Yes sweetie and I'll always be here I found a way to stay only as sprit. I'll need a fresh lifeless body.' She said. 'I'll be on it mom.' I said and open my eyes. I ran behind a tree to shift and put clothes on.

"I'm coming mom..."

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