Blue Eyes Against a Dark Sky

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When Apollo rides through the sky,
Her eyes twinkle like the sun itself,
Bright and a source of warmth.
But when Artemis brings forth the moon,
Bright eyes of crystal blue become
dull as an artist's used pencil.

The fire flickers and sways
as the darkness tries to devour all.
The sharp sting of ice sinks her heart
And the new day looks so far
Her fingertips can no longer reach
The hope for the warmth of the day.

The darkness clouds her judgment as she fights
To sleep,
To ignore,
To reach a new day.

The darkness pierces her heart
Like a thousand petit arrows,
Straight and precise,
Never missing its target.

Pools of sea water still,
Her mind wanders,
And his poisonous tongue whispers in her ear.

Come to me child, he says.
You do not belong there.
There is so much for you here with me.
You do not need those
Who never think twice about your kindness,
Your sweet words of strength.
Come to me child.

And a single note rings out,
Almost dizzying.

This note speaks and brings
A sparkle back into her eyes.
A spark that flares a fire,
A raging fire of determination.
And even in the dark,
Blue eyes burn against a dark sky.

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