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When I was born I came out of mid air. Nobody gave birth to me, I just appeared out of nowhere. I was 3 when I was born. But the problem was, I wasn't born as a human, I was born as a donkey instead and I wasn't happy about it. 2 days Iater, I found a magical lamp, I farted on it and a ghost came out. It said it would make 1 wish come true. And then I asked it, "shouldn't it be 3?" And then it replied, "yes but this is how stuff works when you fart instead of rub."
So I said ok and my wish was to be reborn as a super potato. But instead I was reborn as a 4 year old human.
I was ok with the mistake. 2 months later I was 12 years old and here I am right now writing this story.

The end

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