Childhood Songs

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Did anyone else listen to P!nk as a kid? Cause I certainly did :3.

Why on earth was I allowed to listen to P!nk XD. Her songs are not exactly child-friendly.

I even remember my favourites being "So What", "I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment" and "Funhouse".

But I understand why I liked her so much. Most of her songs are awesome. Just not something a kid in year 2 should listen to XD. (Tho I'm still showing my kids her songs XP).

I'm starting to think that they are the reason I'm the person I am today. I don't take shit from anyone. And when I'm mad...let's just say keep a safe distance.

Well, it was kinda hard not to love her as a kid when my entire class, including my teacher, were obsessed with her. I even remember one of the girls in my class giving her ticket to see P!nk live to our teacher and then crying about it later that day.

It's amazing how many memories come flooding back when you find and old song you used to love. I just recently downloaded "Funhouse" and "I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment" in Nightcore and OH MY GOD TINY ME HAD AMAZING TASTE IN MUSIC. Now to find "So What" and I'll be all set. Maybe even "Raise Your Glass" (is that by P!nk? I can't remember).

What were you guys' fave songs as a kid? I'm curious to know :3.


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