Chapter One

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Rico POV

I walk through the circle making my way down to the cut . I see uglahh Elijah sitting there with Ant , Mateo , Sam , and Ced . That's my main crew but best believe we rock deeper than that .

" Bout time yo stank ass hea . You always the last one to pull up and den you neva on time . We should beatcho damn ass nigga " he groaned and arose from the curb .

I waved him off and chuckled a little as we got in the car . Making our way down the town we pull out the tools . I polished mine and then look over at Ant and Elijah . I swear they stay arguing .

" Get tf out my damn face lil boy " yelled Ant . Knowing he ain't nothing but seventeen .

" Getcho damn life before I get it " Elijah spat . Pulling his gun to Ant head as his hands trembled . By this time everyone in the car was yelling at these two fools . Ced who is the eldest (18) of us all pulls the car over .

" Get tf out my damn car " Ced screamed and slammed the door .

Elijahs aim still standing strong on Ants' head .

" If you gone pull yo tool use that shit " everyone yelled . We didn't play on no fuck boy shit . Seconds went by and Ced put his hand on his gun .

* Bop bop * ✊

My nigga Ant fell to the ground as he struggled for air . Elijah put his tool on his side and stood there . Yeah it seems harsh but thats how we were raised . Never spare no nigga no matter what . If he tryin yo ass , you show him who he fuckin with . We do our hand shake and cross our chest . Blowing a kiss up into the sky and then got back in the car .

Before pulling off we all made a promise to stop fuckin round and be brothers . In my heart I wanted to believe our promise but I know in this life no one is safe . We make our way to the spot and sneak in while Ced in the car waiting for our return . We get the drugs and the money and go back to the car . Elijah and I get in the car but not Sam or Mateo .

" Braa , on god wea dey at ? Fuck round on me ill leave that ass . " Ced spoke becoming irritated at the two . I picked my cell phone up and hit Sam line .

* phone convo *

" Braa come on nie before 12 come or its yall and them on my soul " I said .

" Ight man damn we coming " he said and hung up .

Within seconds Sam and Mateo ran out to the car . These two fools had ham sandwiches , a case of drinks , and some family size chips .

" Y'all can't be to mad . We got y'all some too . " Sam said while smiling at Mateo .

" Don't let that shit happen no more " Ced spoke in a stern voice . We all sat as he began to speed off . As we exited the East Side we began to eat . I wont flex that lil snack they jugged was bout right lowkey .

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