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"I love you"
What? I heard him-Will-say the words to me as he kissed my forehead; obviously he thought I was asleep. He suddenly shot back and I could almost see the blush on his face. Everything was sore and I had only woken up from the anaesthetic a couple of minutes ago. Just before Will said those three words. I tried to mutter something out, but I realised that I couldn't. I wanted to, but every time I tried to get the words out of my mouth, my throat screamed in pain.
Why can't I speak? What happened?
Then I remembered what I did. I killed my own father. All the memories of the last day flooded back and I started to have a panic attack. I wanted Will to hug me and hold me and calm me down. I felt like an old memory was being triggered, but it faded as soon as I tried to remember it. All too soon, I fell asleep shaking.
I woke up suddenly, unsure of my surroundings, until I realised I was lying next to Will. What?
The dreams that I had panicked me. Me and some guy were best friends, boyfriends and then gone. A woman took him away from me. Were these dreams, or memories?
I turned over painfully and prodded Will in the back, wanting him to turn over and look at me.
"Hey sunshine" his expression looked pained, almost as if-
Wait a minute!
That guy in my...flashback? That guy was Will. My eyes grew wide as I tried to say something, but couldn't. Will seemed to grasp the notion and handed me a pen and paper. Shakily, I tried to write something. Why was it so hard? I managed to do something that looked like a four year old had written it, but it'll have to do.
I had a dream
Will stared at the paper and gasped, "you had it too?"
So Will saw it as well. I nodded my head.
It was you I wrote down
"And it was you"
He smiled at me and I managed a weak one back.
"We need to get to the bottom of this. Who could've separated us?"

My mind whirred as I remembered something, a name. She was...a witch. Practiced in the art of magic and voodoo. Suddenly, a name came back to me and I wrote it down.
Thank you so much for all the reads! I'm sorry this chapter is so messy and kinda crap but I hope you still enjoy it. Yes this is a mortal au and Hera is not a goddess but a witch. Thankyou all for reading! :)

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