5:16 PM 10/11/15

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Claire: when i was at camp for a week w/o you guys in my pseudo squad two ppl got together even though they live like hrs apart

Claire: the end

Samya: ?????

Claire: idk i felt like sharing that story

Elena: um

Elena: that was

Elena: heartwarming

Claire: thx


Claire: i mean first of all it was literally like five days and they met on the second day so thats four days

Claire: a nd second of all they just randomly got together

Claire: i mean what

Claire: I dont mean to discourage u olivia

me: ??

Claire: idk lol

Claire: hey when is ur next robotics competition

me: idk

Claire: meh

me: dont send ur friend marcus or whoever to stalk me

Claire: can i send another friend instead

me: nO

Claire: what if they accidentally walk by and then tell me later does that count as me sending them to stalk u if i didn't tell them to do it

me: -_-

Claire: whatever

me: just

me: just dont use ur network of spies

Claire: what makes u assume i have a whole network

Claire: maybe i just have a bunch of nerds who have a crush on me doing my bidding

Claire: bc let me tell u i do

Claire: except its only like 4 ppl but whatever

Samya: wat claire

Claire: pro life tip: romantically inexperienced nerds are rlly easy to flirt with

Ari: claire considering that is coming from u

Claire: what are u trying to say

Ari: nothing except that it might only be easy for you

Claire: no trust me on this one

Samya: is marcus one of them

Claire: what do u think

Claire: another pro life tip: its especially easy if they dont have a lot of female friends

Samya: ok then

Claire: but i wont intentionally send my nerd army after u olivia dont worry

me: oh im very not worried

me: trust me on this one

Elena: that sounds about as reliable as when claire said to trust her on that one

Claire: so 100% amirite

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