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The first day back to school was terrable especially since nancy was totally hitting on James.It made me crazy and i wanted to punch a wall.I walked to first period and saw james was in all my classes,Sweet,maybe this year wouldnt be that bad.Nope i was wrong.Right when i was about to sit in the seat next to james when nancy pushed me and i fell on the floor and my books scattered everywhere.James saw and helped me up."hey May sorry I spilled over your books",I turned around to see nancy sitting in my seat,""Its fine ill go sit in the back...Your highness",I grabbed my stuff and walked to the hundreds of empty desks in the back.I sat in the back corner away from everyone.Just how I like it.James then got up and came and sat near me,take that nancy.I was in the middle of my manga and was happy on how it was turning out.then james comes and puts his hand on mine and i turn bright red.It also zapped me out of my manga fantacies.It was crazy;It happened so sudden.I shot up out of my seat and and grabbed a pass and went to head to the bathroom to hide.As I was walking i heard more footsteps and saw james calling for me to come to me but i ignored him.The janitor was my dad so he let me hide in the janitors closet all the time.I ran the corner and slipped and fell on the hard concreet floor.I got up to see my lip was bleeding.I ran into the janitors closet.I sat there crying and thinking,"why do you have to like me""why me"Im the shyest and weirdest girl in the entire school",I sat there by myself for about 20 minutes.I then got up and walked out,My school is terrable and will let any student leave the class or leave school when ever they want,I then saw james and darted back inside.I didnt think he saw me but 5 minutes later there he is.He walks over grabs my hand and says,"What was that".I didnt know what to say;so i said nothing and just got up and left school.James followed me and we then went to my tiny house in my backyard.I walked in and was about to close the door.It slammed right in james face."Oh my gosh im soo sorry!",I grab the door handle and grab his hand as I pull him in.I tell him to go lay on the couch as I get some ice and lay it on his head.I put it on his head and tell him to stay on the couch as I walk into my bedroom and grabbed my phone.I called his mom and told her what happened she then drove over ."You wicked girl you have hurt my son once again  and this has gone too far","Look Mrs.Heights I'm sorry but it is not my fault,I was coming home and he ran in i'm sorry",this argument went on for about an hour.Finally they left and we found out that he had now a concussion.I felt soo bad and tried to visit but his mom     was so mad at me you couldn't believe it.I wasn't allowed to go over there.The only time I could see him was at school.We didn't go to any classes and no one cared teachers marked everyone present it was the best.We hung out in the janitor's closet and the lawn. Oh and to make matters worse he got a girlfriend.That was nancy.I mean nancy are you kidding me!They would kiss in the halls it made me cry.Finally I exploded.I was in the closet when he walked in.I had my arms crossed and was wearing my "fear me" shirt.I then started a fight,not a physical one but a verbal one.It was bad."GET OUT AND STAY OUT OF MY LIFE",I didnt mean to sound soo harsh but i was hurt."What do you mean get out we always meet here",I could see the passion in his eyes and the concern and it made me sick."I mean i dont wanna talk to you anymore and I dont want to hang out. Isn't that why you have a girlfriend to hang out with her",I was infuriated and what he said just made me blaze."Oh so I see you're jealous",Oh that's when he basically poured gasoline on the fire that was already burning."No i'm not...ok maybe","Look I understand how you feel but i broke up with nancy".I stood there with the most confused look on my face that anyone could ever have,"What do you mean"."I mean we're done may we're just not right...and I like someone else","Oh really...who"."You you idiot".I stood there in shock of what I just heard.I looked at him and all of a sudden my vision went black i woke up in the closet with james caressing my cheek.I then leaned in and kissed him.It was amazing.It felt soo perfect.Like it was meant to be.

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