Chapter 13

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"Where the hell are you, you been gone For an hour, are you okay" Dallas asked over the phone.

"I'm a block away, don't worry I'm okay, I'll text you everything when you leave" I said hanging up on Dallas. I could still hear Avery's little sobs and sniffles, "shhh babygirl, everything's going to be okay" I cooed from the front seat.

"I-I d-don't w-want to go b-back" I heard her sob. I knew what she meant by back but I had to pretend I was unaware. "Back where sweetheart" I asked looking through my rear end mirror for a split second.

"T-to m-mommy and w-Wilmer" I gulped, I knew Wilmer would have done something to her, that mother fucking bastard! "You sure ain't" I murmured to my self, I ain't letting her go back with them just for her to be tortured hell no. She was staying with me until she confesses what gone on in her house so I can call the cops.

"Why not babygirl, don't you think your mother would be scared that your not home" I said softly hoping to encourage the child to speak up. "N-no" she cried, "e-Elizabeth don't c-care about m-me" she spoke softly and quietly as I pulled up to my house.

"Well your staying with me tonight, someone who actually cares about you okay babygirl" I said, unbuckling my seat belt. I lied she was going to stay with me for a while, she was never going back to them. I didn't get a respond, I guess she was shocked that she was staying with me.

I hoped out of the car, unbuckling Avery and placing her on my hip. "Ow" she cried out in pain as she rested her head on the side of my shoulder. My heart broke, she was hurt in her lower area, making me realise what had gone on, Wilmer that dick head.

I shifted her to my chest so she could dangle her legs as I carried her up to my house, only then I realised how light she was. Too light, she was lighter than Evie, well that was an a little over the top but honest to god I swear she weighed about the same as Evie.

I opened the door to see Dallas at the bottom of the stairs in her coat and keys in her hands. She looked shocked and confused when she saw a little girl in my arms but I mimed, "text you later" and she nodded. "Thanks for looking after her dall, see you soon" I spoke softly.

"No problem little sis, see you" she said before walking out and closing my door. I locked the door to my house and set Avery on her feet. "How about I run you a warm, bubble bath and dry your little friend of yours" I said pointing to her teddy, as I crouched down to her height.

"O-okay, p-please don't h-hurt him" she said shyly handing me the little teddy, I smiled as I took her hand and lead her to the laundry room. "I won't sweetheart, look" I said putting him in the tumble dryer and she watched him go around in circles.

"See he's having fun, now come on little miss, your freezing" I said grabbing a towel and leading her holding her hand upstairs into my guest room where it had an ensuite just like all my rooms, what? I mean I was a singer?! Avery looked shocked at how big the room was, it was actually the same as mine and Evie's.

I chuckled as I lead her into the bathroom, I started to run the bath and applied soap to it, to make bubbles. "Right how about you get undressed and into the bath while I go dry up and I'll come back and help you wash your hair" I said softly.

She looked up at me, she was shaking from the cold and had a look of fear. "Honey, I won't hurt you, never, ever would I hurt you. Now jump in that nice warm bath" I said kissing her forehead. She looked shocked at the action like love was rare to her, and I bet it was.

I slowly went to walk away and close the door a little when I heard a soft, shaking voice call out. "M-miss.Lovato?" I heard and I turned around and smiled at Avery. "T-thank y-you" she said shyly.

"That's okay babygirl, and from now on until school, call me demi" I said before closing the bathroom door. I can't believe I just saved a life.. But I'm proud.

I walked out of the room and checked on Evie, she was fast asleep, then I walked into my room. I looked in the mirror I looked like a mess, my short, black hair drenched and mascara running all down my face.

I quickly got changed into my pyjamas and wiped all the mascara off and towelled dried my hair as much as I can before grabbing a top for Avery to sleep in. Then I remembered she didn't have no underwear, so I grabbed the unopened pack of Evie's underwear for when I started to get her into potty training and grabbed a pair out.

She would fit into this, I then walked back to the guest room and knocked on the door, "you in the bath honey" I asked, I heard a quiet sniffle and a hiccup, "I-I can't g-get my j-jumper off" a quiet and scared little voice said.

"That's okay honey, would you like me to help" I asked softly, "n-no t-thank y-you, I-I don't want y-you to s-see my ugly b-bruises" she stuttered, my heart broke at those words. "Sweetheart, let me help you, your bruises ain't ugly" I said softly.

"I promise you, that they ain't ugly honey, they're just little decorations which have been caused by bad things" I spoke, I heard another little hiccup before she spoke. "O-okay" she said nervously.

I entered the bathroom to see her in little flowery panties which were worn out, and her jumper still on. All her legs were covered in bruises, cuts and scars, it hurt to see. I held in a gasp as tears welled up in my eyes before blinking them away.

As I approached the little girl she blushed shyly and played with her thumbs. I give her a warm smile as I crouched down to her height, "arms up" I said softly, as she put her arms up I took off her jumper and tickled her little sides too lighten the mood.

She squealed and fell onto me giggling lightly, I chuckled as I patted my finger on her nose. "I see that I have another tickler in my house" I said turning her around so her back was facing me and held her into my chest as I tickled her.

Giggles escaped her mouth as she squirmed only slipping on her bum as I tickled her. I couldn't help but smile at her laugh, and laugh along with it, she was so adorable at the age of nine. After the little tickle fight I stood her back up onto her feet.

"Arms up" I said, she shook her head letting a little giggle out of her mouth, "I'm going to tickle you either way, your choice" I said. Starting to tickle her gently, she let out a little giggle before putting her arms up letting me take off her worn top leaving her in her panties.

Her small frame was covered in so many bruises and scars, I could literally count all of her ribs. She noticed me staring and blushed looking down. I felt tears well up in my eyes as I lifted her chin up to look at me, as a tear rolled down my eye.

"Who ever done this to you honey, are very bad people" I said, she knew she couldn't make any excuses for all the injuries on her body so I knew that I would have to tell her I know someone done this to her.

She nodded, poor little girl. I sighed placing one of my hands over my eyes quickly in a funny way covering them up and then pulled down her panties. "Quick get in the bath" I said causing her to giggle as i kept my eyes closed. For god sake this child is adorable and plus I want her to trust me before she lets me treat her like as if she was my own.

I heard a light murmur of ow knowing that now she was in the bath I opened my eyes and smiled sympathetically at her. I grabbed some shampoo and poured it into my hands as I began washing her hair gently. "So what's your teddys name" I asked grabbing a small plastic cup and filling it up with the bath water.

She blushed, "fluffy" she said quietly as if she was embarrassed to own a stuffed animal. I placed my hand over her forehead as i poured the water over her hair to rinse away the shampoo and continued to do this until it was all gone. "Is it because he fluffs all the time" I asked trying to be serious.

I heard her giggle as I put conditioner on her head, "n-no, because he's fluffy" she giggled again. "Well my little girl got a teddy called lolo, and let me tell you she fluffs all the time, it stinks the house down" I said to the child.

Avery let out a few giggles before looking up at me so adorable with her big brown eyes just like my other little baby girl does when I give her a bath. "Really" she said gently. Oh my god how can anyone hurt this child.

"Really, it's ridiculous" I sighed pretending to be stressed, Avery just looked up at me with a little smile on her face, "I wish my mother was like you"

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