Mirrorlox x suicidal!reader

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Y/n pov

Staring into the mirror, I smashed it, pieces falling out, my hand bleeding. Crying heavily, I grabbed the biggest piece. Pressing it against my throat, i closed my eyes. just as I was about to slice it, a soft hand gently forced it back to my side, taking the shard. "Don't do that." A voice whispered. I gasped and looked towards the voice. A boy stood there. His dark brown hair covered one green eye, his shirt black with white trimming, pants a dark gray. Fear rushed threw me, how was he in my house!? He glanced at my bleeding hand, "You shouldn't have done that..." "H-Ho-ow a-ar-" he shushed me, "You broke the mirror. Simple as that." I didn't question it as he sat me down on the bed, grabbing the first aid kit I had. He bandaged the wound. "W-who are you?" I asked quietly. "My name's Mirrorlox, you can just call me Ty, though." I nodded slightly. "So, Y/n." "How-" "Mirrors." "Ok...kay?" He smiled and sat beside me, "Better?" I nodded a little. He hugged me suddenly, letting out a purr like sound. "You're coming home with me." "Wait what?" "Threw the mirror, come on." He stood up, pulling up with him. "Uhh...bbut it's bro-..." I stopped once a huge mirror appeared beside him. "Well? Come on, Y/n!"


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