Chapter 29:

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Madison's P.O.V

"Good morning," I wake up in the arms of Johnson. "Hi," I say looking around the hospital.

"Wait what am I doing here? I thought I was at my house?" I question. "You've been here for 3 days, what do you mean?" I guess it was a dream.

"Can I go in?" I say looking at Jack's room door. "Yea go ahead." I nod and go to the door opening it slowly.

I hear some giggling and the sound of a kiss. I look in and see Jack and Some slut kissing.

"Jack!" I gasp. They both look at me and I go over to Jack and give him a huge hug.

"I missed you." I say tearing up but get pushed back. "What the fuck? Who are you?" He asks.

"Madison." I say looking at him funny. "How don't you know." I ask. "Umm I don't think we've meet before." he said giving me a disgusted look.

"Jack what do you mean?" I say grabbing his hand he snatches away. "Get away bitch!" I say and then get pulled back and feel someone pushing me through the glass window landing me to my death.

"MADISON!" I feel someone shaking me and I open my eyes and see Tatiana. It was just a dream. I start breathing heavily and get heated.

"Are you okay? It was just a nightmare." she reassures me. "Yea i don't want to talk about it." I say standing up.

"I haven't seen you in so long!" I say hugging her. "I missed you!" I say. "I missed you more!" She smiles.

"How did u get in?" I ask. "I know we're the keys are." I laugh and we go down the stairs.

"I got you some food." she says giving me a box. I open it and see a stack of strawberry melted whip cream pancake.

"Aww thank you." I say sitting down at the dining table. "So yesterday I w- AH!" Tatiana screeches making me jump.

"What!" I yell. "There's a bunny!" She says pointing out the window . I look through my sliding glass window and see a black and white bunny.

"Oh my gosh, should we take it?" I ask and she grins. "Yes!" She smiles. I open the door and walk closely to the bunny to not startle him and pick him up from behind.

It twitches a little and nibbles on my finger. "What gender is this and what should we name it?" I ask.

"Let's go to the vet." She suggests. I nodded and got up and went straight to my room and took a quick shower.

I change into a dress, heels, and braided my hair on the side and grabbed my phone, keys, and Celine purse.

I go down stairs and see Tatiana with the bunny in her hand and watching some tv.

"Let's get going." I say. "Okay let's go in my car." She says and we walk to her Mercedes.

I play with the bunnies ear and hum the song playing. "Are you going to the hospital?" She asks.

"I was but I can tomorrow." I say. "The animal store is right across the hospital, I'll drop you off at the hospitsl."

I nod and sit in silence the whole ride there, petting the bunnys head.

We arrive at the hospital and I place the bunny on the chair and head to the hospital going straight to the elevator floor level 5 and room 503.

I walk in Jack's room and i see Jack unconscious. I walk next to him and grab his hand.

"Hi Jack, I miss you."


-Hanna ❤️

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