Blood. Bodies. People. Blood dripping from them. Their blood on me. They are coming, they are going to kill me too. I can't run. I can't. "Help! Please somebody help!" I am sobbing. "Hel.. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

"Liz wake up! Lizzie, Princess wake up!"

I woke up with a start. My mom is looking at me worry etched on her face.

Mom? Worried? Sounds foreign.

"Princess you OK? You were thrashing around in your bed and screaming too."

No shit Sherlock. Been doing that since last one month and now you notice.

"Mom I am fine. It was just a bad dream. You can go back to your work now or you will be late to your meetings." I sighed.

Yeah go and leave me alone!

Unconvinced she got up,"Princess you are my first and foremost priority. I am going but any problem, you call me OK? And why don't you call Cassie here. Cassie will cheer you up. She always does."

"OK mom. I will. Bye." I kissed her cheek and then stood up from the bed.

She was fingering her necklace.

"Mom?" I asked

"Yeah! Sorry I was thinking about something." She said.

"Ohh. And....." I prompted her.

She unclasped her necklace and handed it to me. "My mother gave it to me when I was seventeen. Now that my daughter is seventeen too, its time you have it."

"Gran gave this to you?" I was awed by the necklace. It was a multicolor pendant with a gold chain. As I put it on my neck it felt warm, a comforting warm.

"Thanks mom. I love it."

"You are welcome Princess. Now I need to go. Bye darling."

"Bye mom."

I turned towards my full length mirror. Brunette with an hourglass figure slightly tanned skin and a gorgeous face looked back at me.

Yup! Elizabeth Wakefield is no less than the most beautiful person on Earth. Or maybe she is the most beautiful person on earth.

"Done adoring yourself O princess or should I slap you awake?"

I turned to face my best friend staring at me with amusement.

"A hug would be fine." I said.

She smiled and we hugged. I have known Cassandra Heart since the day I was born. Blue eyed blonde, she is no less prettier than I am.

"And how dare you even think about slapping a princess?" I smirked.

"Oh shut up! You deserve it anyways. Poor Cassie is waiting that a certain best friend will save her from the asshole aka my brother by calling me to rescue you or something but no! Who calls is Mrs Wakefield! Do you know my mother was practically stabbing me with her eyes daring me to confess before she gets to know about some non existent crime of mine?! Do you know I was this close to telling her that I broke your nail once. Bloody nail caused me to.."

"Okay Cass. I get it. I am sorry. I was just umm..."

"Spill it." She demanded.

Uh oh! Inquisitor Cass mode on. Oh god save me!!

"Did you check out the new Vogue magazine?" I asked

"No but.."

"You should. Eek I smell foul! I need to take a bath. See you downstairs Cassie!" I ran into the bathroom.

Smell foul?! Seriously!? Whatever. Danger evaded. Phew!

"You better explain everything downstairs." Cass' voice cut in.


"You are a hungry pig!"

"Love you too sis."

Not him! Not him! Please not him!!

"Hi Liz! Long time no see."

"Hi Dylan." I sighed. Damn it!

"Sheesh Dy, stop drooling over her. She is not I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-E-D." Cass sang and I giggled.

Dylan pouted. "She is right Dylan." I said while sitting down on the dining table.

"Come on babe. You and me are the ship that sails the sea of the world's hearts." Dylan said.

I choked and Cassie burst out laughing.

"The amount of shit your mouth spews is enough to drive girls away. No wonder Stacy Kleeman won't kiss you." Cass said.

"Ohh Cassie you are such an ignorant sissy. Missed out the gossip hun. Stacy Kleeman broke up with her boyfriend who was cheating on her and in revenge kissed the hottest guy on earth aka Dylan Heart."

"What!?" Cass spat out.

"Uhuh." Dylan smirked.

These siblings..

"So guys what are the plans for today?" I cut in.

'Well we could go shopping and then for a movie or something." Cass suggested.

"Nope. Nada. Not happening Casserole. Gran Patricia is coming so mom wants us home before 2:00 pm or else we will have to face the wrath of momzila." Dylan cut in.

"What!!? Gran Pat is coming and you are telling me now!? I need to put my important stuff in the attic before granzilla descends." Cass screamed and then punched him twice.

" What was that for?" Dylan cried.

"For that stupid nickname Dy Dy. Get your ass off now we gotta go. Bye Lizzie. Rain check on shopping etc? Cass asked.

"Yeah sure." I replied.

"Bye Lizzie." They chorused.

"Bye guys"

"Ma'am do you want something else?" My Butler Harold asked.

"No Harold. This will be enough. I am going to sleep now."I said.

"Okay ma'am. Sleep well." He said.

I wish Harold . I wish.

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