CH 12

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I sat in my car outside of Harry's house on Monday morning; I refused to allow him to take the bus any longer. "Hey Louis, good morning" Harry said cheerfully as he entered the car. "Morning" I said in greeting and looked down to the warm container Harry placed on my lap. I picked it up and looked at him "I made you breakfast!" he announced proudly.

"You...what?" I asked opening the lid; inside were some eggs, bacon, beans and toast that were in separate compartments within the container so the food didn't touch and run together. "I got up early today to make you breakfast" Harry said as he pulled a fork from his bag. "This is actually one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for that sounded cheesy" I said as I took the fork.

"You're giving the new kid rides now?" Zayn asked as he and my crew watched Harry walk away from us. I nodded "Yeah, he's actually really smart so I'm going to use him to do homework incase Stan ever gets sick" I lied on the spot and Zayn slapped my back "Good thinking boss; always nice to have a backup plan". I nodded "And if he think I'm his friend he won't complain if I use him, so he's off-limits now, got it?" Zayn and the crew members present nodded.

In music class I sat next to Harry, who was doodling in his notebook instead of paying attention; arching my neck slightly, I saw he was drawing little hearts with HS+LT written inside and I couldn't help but smile. Harry glanced at me and flashed me his dimpled smile before turning the page and taking actual notes. As the bell rang we all stood up to leave "See you after school" I said softly, allowing the bustle to drown my words from wandering ears. Harry simply smiled and bit his lower lip.


"Liam has been acting really strange lately, like he gets annoyed whenever I talk about Perrie" Zayn was telling me at lunch. "He's probably just jealous, Perrie is hot" one of my crew said behind us. "Yeah she is Calvin; you're probably right...what's going on over there?" Zayn asked, I looked in the direction he was looking where a cluster of my crew were standing in a circle.

"Fellas, whats going on?" I asked as I approached them; the circle opened up and Harry was on the ground, he looked like he was attacked by food, his clothes covered in various sauces. "We just found out that he's a queer!" one of my group sneered. "Why do you guys care? leave me alone!" Harry said trying to get up, but was pushed back down.

I felt my heart fall from my chest, this was literally the worst thing that can happen; with me telling Zayn and the others that I was using Harry; he would have been under my protection like several other classmates, but I couldn't protect him from this.

"You want a turn boss?" one of my crew said, offering me a bottle of mustard. Harry looked at me with pleading eyes, asking me for help; the pleading look in his eyes turned into one of hurt and betrayal as he realized that I wouldn't...couldn't, help him. I spat on him, barley missing his leg on purpose to show my "disgust" but hopefully showing Harry that I was still on his side.

I handed the mustard bottle back to my crew mate and walked away; walking straight into the bathroom and holding my head in my hands. "I'm sorry Harry, I'm so sorry Harry" I whispered over and over as if my words would somehow reach him.

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